Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Have you ever noticed that sometimes you get more done when you are busy?  I have come to realize that that is so true.  I can only tell you about my experiences, but this is what I have been up to.  NOTHING!!
Let me explain.

Over the last several months, things at work have not been good for me.  There had been a shift in the direction that the company was heading and though nothing had been made public, there was a 'feeling' in the air that things were changing.   The attrition rate rose, people were feeling unsettled and unhappy, and there was a general distaste for the management.  I felt it the most immediately after a new VP was brought on board, then another VP and another, etc.  While the company was being squeezed by the effects of sequestration and the rank and file was being told we had to conserve $$ and valuable people were being laid off, VP's were being hired into new positions at an alarming rate.  Anyway, to make a long story short, I was laid off.  So, I am now among the ranks of the unemployed.

Although not terribly unhappy to be leaving a job that I had come to hate, I'm wasn't sure that I was ready to jump into the job search immediately.  So, I decided that I would take a little time to decide what I would do next and in the meantime, I could catch up on some projects that I had put on the back burner.  Sounds great, right?!

Well, it has now been almost two weeks and what have I gotten done? NOTHING!  Nothing that I thought I would be able to get done anyway.  What I have been able to do is to get some of those doctors' appointments that I had been putting off taken care of.  Which in turn leaded to some tests and other appointments, but it had to be done.

I have been able to take Bella to school and  pick her up afterwards.  Help her with her homework and take her to her dance classes.  I have been able to be here for my daughter, who is having a very difficult pregnancy.  it makes me feel good to be able to help her out by making her a meal, or picking her up at work or running an errand for her.
 And, I have gotten to spend a bit more time with my hubby.

It's good to be home.  Catching up with these guys:

Michelle and Tim

Shawn, Michelle, Bella, Tim and Esther
Shawn, Michelle, Bella, Tim and Esther

                                                                  And this little guy.
My Little Buddy.
He is proving to be a good little guy, but it has been a long time since we have had a puppy!
And let's just say that he has been making a few more projects for me to work on!