Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"C" Minus 5!

Me speak for Christmas is in 5 days!  EEek!  Where does the time go!  Just dropping in to say that I am still alive and fairly well.  Haven't totally crashed-yet.  Ha!
Been running like a maniac and trying to get everything finished in time for the holiday.  Somehow, time just seems to get away from me.  I can't quite put my finger on why though.  I work only work between 9-10 hours a day, plus the drive there and back which adds another hour and a half to two hours to my day.  So I get up at 4:50 in order to get ready for work and make it in on time.  Then after I get home I try to visit with Bella for a bit before she goes home, let her read to me if she hasn't already read to Mr. Wonderful.  After that it is dinner time and then I clean up the dishes and head upstairs for a couple hours of boxing, wrapping, tagging and organizing presents.  I've also got to fit in the Christmas card making, writing, stamping and mailing.  Gift buying.  Home baked/made gifts for the neighbors and co-workers as well as holiday visits with family and friends. 
Oh and by the way, Mr. W. has been taken out temporarily with Bells Palsy brought on by Lime Disease so he hasn't been quite up to snuff and not his usual self.  He has been trying his best to help out and to his credit he has been, just in fits and starts. 
Add to all of this that I have already had to return, yes you read that correctly return gifts and you can say that I've been a little busy.  Really, returning gifts before Christmas?  Who does that?  Well, me!  That's who!
I had to return just about everything that I bought for number one daughter because someone else bought the same things for her and then think of something else to get her.  As if that wasn't enough, after I had bought and wrapped gifts for the soon to be number one son in law, someone else got  a few of the same items that I had gotten him.  So I had to find them by unwrapping five of the gifts I had gotten to find the two I needed to return.  At this point no-one is to question my sanity!  I mean it! 
Did I mention that work, which is usually very slow at this time of year has been extrordinarily busy?  No?  Well, it has been.  And I am working like a lunatic.  So busy that the days are just flying by, which I guess you can say is a good thing. 
What I am saying is this: I've been really busy, going crazy, everything hurts and when I finally sit down at night I fall asleep.  No time to write.  Sorry.  Try to catch up soon, but can't promise much. 
Merry Christmas!

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  1. And don't forget you had Shawn's bday dinner 2 weekends ago and your parents here last weekend! You think you have an excuse to be tired??