Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shop, Wrap, Rest & Repeat

That has pretty much been my last few days in a nutshell!  Well, if you have to add in 9-10 hour work days on top of it all.  No wonder I was a bit grumpy last night. 
We were supposed to have company for the weekend, but due to circumstances beyond anyones control, that did not happen.  We were sad that we were not able to visit with our friends, but we certainly understood.  I had not been feeling at the top of my game anyway-just down with a cold and rotten sore throat so it was probably for the best anyway.  So I went home from work early on Friday and just rested.  I slept and did a little laundry (love the smell of clean linens when I don't feel well!) and rested some more. 
But then on Saturday it was time to pay the piper.  I had been promising Isabella that we would make a gingerbread house and she does not forget a thing, so I finally gave in.  Let me tell you, I hate making those silly things.  Even with a kit, I can't seem to do them.  They are a sticky, sloppy, gooey mess and I just have no talent whatsoever with gingerbread anything!  The walls fall in, the candy slidesoff, the icing drips down.  UGH!  At one point Bella said she thought it looked more like a haunted house than a gingerbread house.  Ha!  I want to be that kind of Grandmother, the one that wears aprons and cooks and bakes and is you know, all Martha-e with her grandchlildren, but its just not me.  Can't do it!  I try, really I do.  But it just doesn't work.  This is what happens:
A colossal mess!
The candies on the top were sinking into the house.  The windows-yeah, they slid off the house!
Bella said, "Well GaGa, the wreath looks nice!" Great, the wreath came in one piece hard to mess that one up.  So much for our gingerbread house making adventure.
I did manage to get loads of gifts wrapped!  And wrapped, and wrapped.  I finished my shopping, finally.  Christmas and birthday shopping are done.  Even the birthday gifts are wrapped for the most part.  For those of you who don't know, Michelle's birthday is Dec. 31 and Jim's is Jan. 1st., poor planning on my part I know but what are you gonna do?!  The only thing left to wrap are the few miscellaneous gifts that are trickeling in via UPS or Reg. Mail., other than that I am done, baby!  Boy does that feel good to say!
We went to church on Sunday for a service of Lessns and Carols.  The children's choir, of which Bella is a part, sang Little Drummer Boy and boy did they have the Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum down pat on that one.  Bella loves to sing and on the way to church she asked Michelle if she could be in the choir again next year and Michelle told her of course she could and Bella said "Yes!" and pumped her fist.  It was so cute.  She also said that she didn't remember that 'her concert' was that day and that she liked to sing on stage.  I reminded her that it was the alter and she said she knew but it was a stage when she was singing.  Can we say DIVA?  
Why does this happen?  I thought this was a nice picture of my girls, wanted to post it and it goes sideways like this.  Can't for the life of me figure it out or make it go the right way!
Anyway,  one more picture for the day.  Thought this was a fun one.  Shawn was over on Sunday and the girls were in their Steelers wear and he was in his Ravens jersey.  He and Michelle were sitting together and he had his arm around Michelle and was rubbing her arm and Bella complained that she had noone to rub her!  Shawn just called her up to him and she jumped into his other arm!

Hope you're all ready for Christmas! 

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  1. I'm sorry but I am laughing at your gingerbread story. LOL.
    We do a chocolate bar house now. Or I make mini gingerbread houses for the little one (out of graham crackers) and let them decorate them on their own :)
    Yup sounds to me like you need a rest. I too have a cold coming on, hoping it goes away though. Take care and have a Merry Christmas.