Thursday, July 12, 2012

Granddad of Year!

When I am at work and Mr. Wonderful is keeping Bella, she usually calls me at my desk in the morning.  Yesterday was no different.  When I asked her what she was doing, she excitedly told me that she was looking at the American Girl catalog.  She loves to get their catalog and awaits its arrival much like we used to wait for the 'Wish Book' to come out. 

After my day was over, I went home and sat down and grabbed the catalog thinking that I would look through it myself.  That's when Mr. W told me how he spent his morning.  Isabella had gone through the catalog with an orange highlighter and marked the title of each item that she wished to have.  There were roughly 300!  Next, she sat down at the table with her Granddad and went through the catalog page by page, showing him each item and then reading to him the description of each item!  Since he is known to indulge his favorite little girl, he sat there patiently listening and looking at each of her grand desires. 

After they had gone through the whole catalog, she told him that she didn't expect to get everything that she wanted.  But maybe she could get three.  Three would be a good number.

When he was done telling me all of this he said to me "That's why I will win Grandfather of the Year"!
So, here you go honey.  You do deserve it!
As if there was ever any doubt!