Thursday, July 5, 2012

Easily Confused!

It doesn't take much to throw me off my game and frankly having a day off and a holiday to boot fall in the middle of the week has done just that!  I keep thinking that today is Monday and I needed to do my Weekend Review.  Since the weekend has not occured yet, I'm going to skip that for now and share a short post with you today.

I told you that I've been dying to use my new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and hadn't found anything to use it on yet right?  Well, I just jumped in on a small piece that I found at a consignment shop.  Can I just tell you that I am in love?!  This paint is really great to work with.  It leaves no brush marks, dries easily, is easy to distress and the colors are downright swoon worthy!  So here is the little piece before:

And here she is after:
I love it!  I need to finish it with some wax, but I didn't have any of that yet so I'll just have to wait on that.  The color is Duck Egg and I really like the color.  It's not too blue, green or grey, but just the perfect combination.  It's a great accent color for my studio, which is mostly a light beige, white and black.  I have been hoping to infuse a great accent color into the room and I am so happy with this color.  I have a couple of square boxes for the walls and I went ahead and painted those with this color too.  Can't wait to finally finish that room.  I need a few more things-curtains and an Expedit Shelf from Ikea, and a couple decorative pieces and that should do it. 
Oh!  The hardware on this piece I just dipped it in something that I had bought to clean my coffee pot with.  Can't remember what it is called, but I mixed it up in water and just dropped the pieces in there (after checking a small area first) and let it sit for a few minutes.  The gunk started to come off right away.  After I took it out of the mixture I went over them with a Magic Eraser because it is non-abrasive and wouldn't scratch the surface.  Voila!  Easy Peasy.

Tomorrow I'll be heading out to Ohio for a short weekend.  I'll be visiting with my sister and BIL and their two girls.  My main reason for going is to do a Senior Photo Shoot for my niece Julia.  That is the excuse that I'm using anyway.  Can't wait to see them!  My nieces are truly two of the sweetest, kindest and Godliest young women that I know.  They are a joy to be around!  They are so incredibly close to each other and to their parents that it just makes you feel good.  I'll be going by myself though, no company for the road.  The Mister has to work and Bella's parents want to keep her.  Go figure!

It'supposed to be a real scorcher on Saturday with temperatures expected to reach over the 100 degree mark again.  From what I hear, The Buckeye State isn't going to bring me any relief either.  Thank goodness for air conditioning! 

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  1. Your container turned out beautifully.
    Enjoy your time with your family on your trip :)