Saturday, August 18, 2012

Where Have I Been?

A funny thing happened on my way to post pictures of our Disney Adventure.  Well, not really funny but you know how it goes.  Monday I had a very busy day at work as I was still trying to catch up on everything since being on vacation.  Sometimes I have to wonder if it's worth going away.  Thought about it and yeah, it's worth it.
Anyway, after work I picked up Isabella at her school and took her for a swim at the pool.  We were there for a little over an hour and almost the whole time that I was there, I was doing some of my PT exercises in the pool.  We got home and I popped into the shower and changed into my pj's and made sure that Bella had everything that she needed.  Shawn came in to pick up Bella and I mentioned to him that I thought the PT in the pool had really worked on me as my stomach was kind of sore.  Jim was working late so I had dinner by myself, a couple of plain hot dogs and some canteloupe.  After Jim came home, we sat together for a while and then headed up to bed.  As I laid down, I felt as though I had a gas bubble stuck high in my stomach, right below my breastbone.  I thought if I could burb I'd feel better, but I just couldn't.  I didn't fall asleep and by ten o'clock, the discomfort had turned to pain and I began to think that something was wrong.  At eleven I woke Jim and asked him to take me to the ER.  Something was definitely wrong!
We got to the hospital in about ten minutes and got put at the head of the line, but still had to wait for what seemed like hours.  (It was likely only about 30 minutes or so.)  They called me back and by now, I was in some serious PAIN.  The dr. came in and asked if I had my appendics and I told him no and then he asked about my gallbladder.  Yes, I still have it and no, I'd never had any gallstones or attacks of any kind.  He ordered a sonogram and got me a shot of something strong.  By now I was calm and the nurse came in to do the sonogram and determined that I did have gallstones.  The doc came back and asked if I had a surgeon or if he should call the surgeon on call.  The call was made, I was to be admitted and have surgery.
By 3 am I was in a room and at 4:30 the nurse finished the paperwork with me and went to get a bag of IV fluids for me.  Surgery was to be sometime on Tuesday and released Wednesday.
Because it's me and things tend not to go in a routine fashion, I was put in a semi-private room.  My roommate was a classic case of crazy. Kid you not!  The woman had probably used up her share of crazy and was now working off the reserves.  She was on the phone constantly, complaining about everything under the sun, mostly the hospital staff, climbing in and out of her suitcase and talking to me when all I wanted to do was sleep!  (Pain meds - remember?)  I found out that the dr. was going to operate at noon and after he left I motioned for Jim to come close.  He looked at me and I whispered to him that perhaps after my surgery I would be moved to a different room.  He went right out into the hall, found a nurse and made the arrangements.  Thank goodness! 
So, I had the surgery, had a lousey recovery and finally came home on Thursday evening.  Remember what I said about things going against the normal for me?  Yeah, I didn't dissapoint.
All things said though, I have to commend the staff at FMH because everyone that I dealt with was wonderful.  Kind, caring and compassionate.  Wednesday I had a terrible day, I was sick to my stomach, dizzy, my blood pressure was all over the map and I was in terrible pain. They were just wonderful.  The nurse in charge came in and sat with me for a while, to make sure that I was stable and didn't need anything.  She called in the PA from the surgeons office to consult and she was terrific.  They finally determined that the morphine that they had been giving me was causing the problem and worked with the doctor to find a different medication that would work.  They also took blood and did some labwork and found out that several things were off, can't remember what now, but it was enough that it would contribute to my feeling so poorly.  Later on when I had begun to feel better, one of the CNA's came in my room, cleaned it up and got me into a chair so I could bathe myself while she put fresh linens on my bed and then helped to get me into a clean gown as well.  They really were great.
Now I am under strict orders to take it easy.  No lifting, easy on the stairs, and another week or so off work.  My company has been great and told me to take whatever time I need.  They sent flowers in the hospital and after I got home they sent a Honey Baked Ham, 2 sides, rolls and a carrot cake!  Nice to work for a company with heart.  :)
Promise to get to the photos soon!

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