Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November-so far...

It's been a while since I last posted and I do apologize.  Sometimes it is difficult to find the time!  I have so many things that I wish to do with my time but regretably, I seldom have either the time or the energy to get to them.  Work keeps interfering with my play time-curses!
After the couple of unexpected days off that I received courtesy of Sandy, work was pretty hectic.  Catching up on things, finishing projects that had been open, the usual.  Luckily, hubby hold down the fort on the homefront and takes care of the yardwork too, enlisting my help only when absolutely  necessary.  Bad new is that it's been necessary lately.  Ha!

Right now I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.  I have so much to be thankful for and I do try to remember that each and every day, but it is nice to have one day set aside each year to share our thanks.  I will be hosting again this year, and will be joined by Tim and Esther, Michelle, Shawn & Bella, Bill & Linda (Mr. W's sister and brother), Linda's son Ben and Holly, a neighbor of Michelle and Shawn who has become a family friend.  I can't wait to have the family all together!!

The hubs and I have gotten some Christmas shopping done already and I am so excited about that!  I usually try to start early, but you know what they say about the best laid plans.  Every year I tell myself that I will be more organized and better prepared to enjoy the holiday, and every year I am faced with scrambling at the last minute and wrapping on Christmas Eve!  My visions of an organized Christmas go up the chimney with  Santa.  But this year something, and I'm not sure what spurred me on.  I picked something up for someone because I saw it and then I just kept going from there.  Tim & Esther each keep a wish list on Amazon, so they shared that with me and I've been able to get some good ideas to add to some of my own.  Bella is always easy-too easy!  She likes and wants everything!  I have even been able to put away a few things for my Mr. Wonderful.  I don't think I've ever gotten him anything prior to Black Friday.  I only have a few people that I find difficult to buy for and they are  my parents.  Both my Mom & Dad and Dad and bonus Momd are hard for me to buy for.  I want their gifts to be meaningful without being too pricey and something that they will actually use or like or both.  Suggestions are gladly appreciated! 
In addition to the head start on shopping, I've also started my Christmas cards already!  I try to make my own, but again, often find myself short of time.  I started by first making a prototype and then broke the card down to individual sections that I can do one at a time.  Example: first I cut down the paper to size, then I stamp the design and sentiment, then I color in the design, add stickles, etc.  I think that I have 30 that are completed.  Stamps were purchased one day last week when Mr. W was running some errands he saw that there was no line at the Post Office and stopped in.  I made my return address labels on the computer and will hand address each envelope. 
Because Bella is over the house so often (I am in NO way complaining!) I didn't want to leave gifts for her out where she can find them, so I started my wrapping.  I can't even believe it!  Wrapping is a task that I don't mind at all, but I am having an increasingly difficult time doing it because of the repetative nature of it I get terribly stiff and sore.  Doing a little at a time is most definitely the way to go! 
So tell me, how are you doing with your holiday preparations?  I often wonder if the majority of people are like me or if in fact I am in the minority?  I see all these different blogs where women post a new craft or idea every day and I wonder where in the world they find the time to do it! 

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