Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Surviving Sandy

It would seem that the worst of the hurricane Sandy has passed and we are still here.  It was quite a storm, to say the least.  Everyone has not been nearly fortunate as we have been and many hundreds of thousands have been effected by this massive storm.  Damages are going to be in the millions.  If you have been paying any attention to the  news, you have seen some of the pictures that have been shown of Atlantic City where the boardwalk has been completely washed away.  New York City is a mess and out in parts of West Virginia they are dealing with 30 inches of snow and counting!  We got by with strong winds and a lot of rain.  We slept in our basement last night as advised on the news and we had no power throughout the night, but it was thankfully restored this morning.

The Mr. and I decided to take a drive around town and survey the damages and here is a little of what we saw.
This is Carroll Creek, normally the water comes over here, but not normally at that rate.  The creek is typically less than half that size.
You can see a lot of debris in the water here, another view of the Carroll Creek.
The railing there shows the edge of the road, but as you can see the water comes way over the road.
There were a lot of trees down, many pulled up from the roots.  A condo development in our community had a lot of damage to the buildings where siding was just ripped off.  The siding was scattered all over the place.  I heard on the news though that the water has not crested yet and there will be more flooding.
This morning there were 77 roads closed in Frederick.
So thankful that I didn't have to go to work this morning!
Hope that everyone is safe and staying warm.

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  1. Hi Karen, thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm glad to hear you were not too badly affected by Hurricane Sandy and that you have power again. Thanks for sharing the photos. That is a lot of water!