Thursday, October 25, 2012


I can't believe that it is Thursday already.  I like Thursday's though, they are on the eve of Friday and Friday brings with it the anticipation of the weekend.  And, well, what's not to love about the weekend?!
Lately our weekends seem to be filled to the brim.  Saturday I spent the morning cleaning the house-and let me tell you, it was sorely in need of cleaning!  My floors were an absolute disgrace and I scrubbed my kitchen floor on my hands and knees and then when I was done, I got out the bucket and mop and did it again, just to get anything I may have missed.   It sure was nice to look at for those 4 minutes that it was clean.  I kid you not.  Just had to let the dogs in from outside and they somehow managed to get 'stuff' on my newly clean floor.  Next floor in that kitchen is going to be wood-a lot less shows on that. 
Later in the day Michelle and company joined us and we all headed over to Summer's Farm for an afternoon of sun, pumpkins, and fun.  Boy, it was a spectacular day!  Bella had a great time and that is enough to make the rest of us happy. 

It was really a beautiful day, marred only slightly by the fact that my legs choose to not fully cooperate with me, making walking around a farm just a little difficult. 
After the farm we stopped to eat quickly and then headed home to get ready for the next adventure.  Catoctin Zoo was hosting Boo in the Zoo!  I opted out of that particular funfest, choosing instead to stay home and rest.  Good thing too seeing as I have enough difficulty walking around in broad daylight, walking in the zoo after nightfall was not something that I was up to trying.  Safe bet I think!
Bella was asleep in the car practically before pulling out of the parking lot.  One tired little girl!
Tim called and gave us some terrific news, he and Esther will be home for Thanksgiving!  Woo-hoo!
We never know when we can expect to see them as they both have busy schedules and work opposite hours from each other.  When they do have a day off together, they like to spend it together.  We are thrilled that we'll get to see them for the holiday!  Don't know yet what Michelle and Shawn will be doing, but I'm sure we'll get to see them for at least a little bit of the day.  I'm hoping that we can all be together even if it is for a short time.
Tim and Esther have been really busy.  Tim's restuarant has been picking up quite a bit and recently they were hosts to a fund raiser for the Obama/Biden campaign.  They all had to be investigated and the place inspected by the Secret Service and then President Obama didn't show up, but VP Biden made it with his wife.  Tim has also had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with Byron Leftwich of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He comes into the restuarant quite frequently and last time he came in he brought another Steeler along with him. (Sorry, but I can't remember his name.) So, that's been kind of fun for him being such a fan of the team.

That's about all for now.  Hoping to be able to post some crafty pics next time, but I can't promise you that!
Happy Thursday!!

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