Thursday, March 21, 2013


This picture was posted for the sheer cuteness factor, but it doesn't want to cooperate and stay in the right format!  This week is Spirit Week at Bella's school and Monday was green day.

Bunch of nothingness has been going on really!  Work has been kicking me to the curb physically and mentally.  I am getting mixed messages from the management team and am feeling a bit like a ping pong ball.  That's not good and it makes my head hurt!  You would think that the VP's would speak to each other so they know what is going on, but perhaps I am low on the totem pole of their list of things to worry about right now.  My point being, the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing and they need to get in sync for the sake of everyone involved-'specially me!

We had a busy weekend, as usual!  Saturday Isabella had a dance competition in Baltimore and we were there for the large majority of the day.  (Dance Mom's was NOT there!)  Her team took High Silver in both Tap and Ballet and her Tap got 2nd overall.  A good result for the first competition of the season. She just loves it!  Her ballet group also got a special award for 'Smooth Transitions' or something like that.  LOTS of little girls in that number and they kind of wove in and out of each other while maintaining their lines and such.  She was happy as she was able to add two more pins on her jacket for the silvers!  By the time we all got home we were pretty much spent-especially our little dancer.
Sunday I got up and put Corned Beef and Cabbage in the crockpot to have for dinner.  YUM!  Jim and I both love it and then had lots of cabbage left over to take to work for lunch.  There was a home show at the Fairgrounds that Jim had wanted to go to, so we wandered around there for a few hours looking at the different booths and collecting canvas bags.  (Maryland is going to start charging for bags!)
Got lots of ideas and now we are working on getting some estimates for things that we want to do around the house.  I want to do things on the inside and he chooses the outside.  Mr. W is of the opinion that because we have countertops there is no need to replace them!  Same goes for flooring, curtains, you get the picture.  We tend to dissagree on those type of things as you can well imagine.

I also decorated the house for Spring.  I am so ready to see it too.  (Spring that is.)  I don't mind the winter, but when it does nothing but rain it puts a damper on things.  We have had some warmer afternoons of late and it is just getting me into that Spring mood. 
This is my little shelf that I decorate frequently for the different holidays and seasons.  It makes me smile!  The small chickie was a $2 Cracker Barrel find, the large chick and the ladder thing are both from Pier 1 (love that store!).  I made the banner after I saw a similar one on Pinterest.  Hard to see but the banner is made from book pages with the eggs on top.  The Subway Art is another Pinterest find, and I can't remember who to credit it with. 

Here's my mantle.  I am really thinking about painting the mantle white.  The bookcases on either side are painted and the mantle just doesn't pop.  What's your opinion?
The banner here I made on my Silhouette, the kids told me that my carrots were too big but I like it.  The bunnies and the topiary are both courtesy of Pier 1 and the little Snow Babies are from my hubby. 

Oh, started Weight Watchers again this week!  Yeah, need to get back on the wagon big time!  I'll keep you updated on my progress.

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