Monday, May 6, 2013

Chaotic Goddess Swap

So, it's time to reveal what I received in the mail from the Chaotic Goddess Swap.  Actually, it is past time but my swap partner had some family obligations to attend to out of state and got the package out late.  No big deal for me, but it meant that I couldn't post the reveal on time.  So, ready?  Here goes:
Look at that loot! 
To refresh your memory, the swap was called Mug O' Comfort and we had to include a mug and then some other items that were tailored to the recipient.  Can be a little difficult as we've never met each other, but by reading  her blog, I was able to get some insight into Sarah and she obviously got some insight into me!  I love the green polka dot mug and have used it several times already.  There is loose tea, a couple packets of Sweet & Spicey tea (yum!), hot chocolate, a book that Sarah had read and passed along, an adorable tulip shaped rice crispy treat, Jelly Beans, a Munch bar and a family favorite of hers that she mixed up and sent along.  Can't wait to try that one out!

I thought this swap was lots of fun and I will certainly do another one.  If you think this is something taht you would like to do, go over to Chaotic Goddess Swaps.  Sign ups are going on now for the next one!


  1. Yay! I love how Spring-y your package is, and that mug is adorable. :D Thanks for joining us with the swap, and I'm so glad you had such a great partner.

  2. Oh how fun! I love a little unique twist! :) Thanks for joining us!