Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Four Walls, a TV and my Computer

I'm sitting here on a bed alone in a hotel room in Quantico, VA.  Just me and my computer and the noise from the television and the heater that is running and the cars that occasionally go by on the road outside the hotel.  It's been a very long day and I am tired, but it's still too early to go to bed so here I am blogging.
So, why am I in Quantico? Nothing exciting, really.  Work has brought ne down here.  I am working on a project and I started at 6:00 this morning and left the office at 5:00 this afternoon and got to the hotel (which is about 10 miles from the office) at 5:30.  Like I said, it's been a long day.  I'm  beat!  And I am meeting at the office at six AM tomorrow morning.  I'm hoping to get home, or at least back to my home office before the snow that we are expecting begins to fall. 
And my daughter is sitting in another hotel room in another town somewhere in Michigan.  She is there for the entire week though.  Also on business.  Bella is home without either of us tonight.  I feel terribly guilty.  I called home.  Grandaddy had her after school and Shawn was there to pick her up.  She was happy, and silly and barely knew I was gone.  Enjoy the menfolk.  Loving the attention I imagine.  'Bye, Bye-Buy, Bonds' she says.  Kills me, everytime I hear it come out of her mouth. 
In other news, I watched the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Me.  I know.  But there wasn't much else to do, and Mr. Wonderful was watching it and so I figured why not?  I wanted to be with him so I might as well try and get into it.  Actually enjoyed it a bit.  Cheered for the Giants, naturally.  My families team.  Even more shocking, I saw the end of the game!  It was funny though to talk to my sisters that day, my one sister spent the entire day cooking and preparing for kick-off.  Her son had invited several friends over and she was hosting a party for them all.  They covered the carpet with and furniture with Giants blankets to decorate-they have 9!!!  My other sister said that the day was just sooooo long and she couldn't wait for the game to start.  She was planning a Pizza Picnic with her kids on the floor in front of the TV, Mom and Dad had Mom's sister Eileen and her husband to share the game with and in true New Jersey fashion they had Pizza and muscles - it's all about the food isn't it!?  Then of course there's Laura, she's worse than me!  She went on a date with her husband.  Ha!  Nice for them, but as Giants fans go, they should be ashamed of themselves. 
That's about it for now.  I'm about all out of energy and out of words.  So until next time.... 

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