Sunday, February 5, 2012


I really must tell you that work gets in the way of all of my free time.  I need much more timr to relax and work on what I like to do rather than on what I have to do.  But alas, work is a necessary evil.  So for the time being at least, it must be tolerated.  It is a good thing that I do enjoy my work for the most part or I would be really miserable.  I spend so much time there!  Lately, I have been so increadibly busy that I barely have time for much else, I don't get a break during the day and when I get home after workI collapse into a heap!  After one of my power naps I am up and onto working onto wedding stuff or something else that needs to get done.  I am jnst spent.
So, it was a very welcome surprise to find that this weekend I had nothing noteworthy on the agenda.  I had had a few things lined up early on, but fow one reason or another they didn't work out and I was not too disappointed.  Ha!  I think what I am really trying to say is that sometimes I just need to take a break.  Michelle and Shawn keep telling me that they are too busy to get this or that done and while I do understand that, I am busy too.  I am working a minimum of 45-50  hours each week and although I hesitate to say this, I am not as young as I used to be! It's hard doing everything that I do and keeping up the spirit and a good attitude all the time and not having a meltdown.  I'll be anxious when everything is all in place and I can relax and know that everything is done and just enjoy the celebration.  Then I'm gonna get drunk.
                                                                                                                         Just sayin'.....
Saturday I went out to the church to meet Michelle and Shawn because I was going to shoot some pictures of them for the wedding.  Bella had a dress rehearsal there for her dance competition and after that we were to take some pictures of the two of them.  Well, when it came time to take the pictures of them they had to go and do something and then had to do something else and well, it just wasn't convenient, so we didn't get any shots.  Instead I got some of shots of this little gem though:

This is her costume for one of her ballet numbers, it's so pretty! 

This dance calls for a lot of attitude-and Bella has that part down in spades!
She danced and danced and danced some more.  Then once it was done and she got in the car to go home, her mom said she was asleep in about 2 minutes.  Ha!  She may be seven but she is still only a little girl.
She did have a bit of a thrill on Friday though, her dress for the wedding came in and she was able to try it on.  True to form, she had an opinion on it!  She loved the 'bling' on the front-no surprise there, but was afraid that it was too long. (It is and we will be having it altered.)  Her concern was that if it was too long no one would be able to see her high heels.  Priorities.  She doesn't actually have high heels, or any shoes at this point but she knows that she is getting high heels-her Mom said so and she is planning ahead.  What's funny is that her idea of high heels is anything with a heels over about one half an inch, so the bar isn't set too high. 
And in other news, I've started an exercise program today. 
Just waiting for the sky to open and something to fall on my far, so good...

Anyway, as I was saying, I started exercising.  I had to go to the doctors on Friday as I've been sick-again and I hesitate to go because as we all know, even though it was my throat that was sore-they had to weigh me.  I'll never understand that!  Anyway, it would seem that since Christmas I have put on almost 5 pounds.  Now, I have to take into consideration that I was fully dressed in jeans, a sweater, boots, and a coat-something I would never normally wear when being weighed, but still.  Plus, now that I have my dress for the wedding, I want to look decent in it, not like the big brown M & M dressed for the halloween ball.
All of this is to say that if you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm dead.  Or my arms have fallen off.  One or the other.  I'll let you know. 

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