Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Again...

I can't believe that the weekend hascomeand gone already.  Why is it that they take so long to get here and then they go by so quickly?  Maybe because after working all week, I have so much to squeeze into two short days, including some much needed down time. 
Anyway, it was a very nice weekend.  Friday evening my sisters arrived around 5:00.  Although I had expected them earlier, they surprised me by veering off their route to take a side trip-something that Jenn is not one to do.  And guess where they went?  To Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey!  For those of you not in the know, that is the home of Buddy Valastro-the one and only Cake Boss. 

Here are Molly and Carly in front of the world famous bake shop!
They didn't come out empty handed either, they brought me an authentic NJ crumb bake, ahhh ain't nothin' like it! 
Saturday was the bridal shower, and it was a busy day.  I did a few things in preparation for the big event, but Brooke must have been working on it for weeks.  She did such a great job and everything was just perfect!  Brooke is totally addicted to Pinterest like me, the difference is that she actually has done some of the things that she has pinned.  She made votive candle holders to match the theme of the party with epsom salt that she dyed and Mod Podged on clear glass, she made a banner that said 'Love is Sweet' as well as a sign, colored glass vased for flowers, cake pops, a hot chocolate bar, just all kinds of goodies! 
Each guest was asked to write out a recipe on a card that was stamped and sent with the invitation.

The bride-to-be and her special 'maid of honor'

Bella records each gift and who it came from.

Michelle and her 'bouquet'.

It was a really special day and the people who choose to be there and celebrate my girl were there in person or in spirit.  We missed those who couldn't be there to join with us in sharing her joy. 
Then I went home and CRASHED! 
I could barely move.
I am getting so OLD,  Or run down.  Or OLD.  Oh, my Goodness! 
Yesterday I was good for nothing.
That's what happens I guess-but I need to rest from resting now.

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