Friday, January 13, 2012

Hopping on the Band Wagon!

In browsing some of my favorite blogs I've noticed a bit of a theme as of late that has less to do with resolutions and more to do with intentions.  I like that.  While in fact the definition for all iintents and purposes is the same, somehow it doesn't souds as severe.  As 'resolute'.  More like a hope, I'd like to do this or I would wish to accomplish that.  Do you see where I'm going here?  I'm not really tying myself down to anything here, so if in fact I don't stick to it-well hey, no harm, no foul.  Righ? 
So, with that in mind, I will now tell you what I have in mind for the coming year.  What my intentions are to accomplish, most specifially in my home, this year.  And since this could lead to the longest blog post in the history of blog posts if I put it all to words, I will keep it to the top 6.  (I picked 6 because it is a nice even number and I like the shape of a 6-it has nice curves.  Don't you think?) 

   1. My number one goal is to get myself more organized!  That is a huge one for me.  I try really hard to be organized and I can't stand not to be, but most of the time I just have too much going on any any one time to get myself together.  So, I feel like if I can just get things put away I'm in good shape!  This year though I want it to be different.  The kids are out of the house and with any luck, they won't be moving back in any time soon.  (Disclaimer: not that I don't love my kids, I'm just done playing musical rooms!)  We have a little more room and would like to make sense of what we have.  I would really like to talk Mr. Wonderful into finally getting rid of some of their 'toys' but he has a hard time letting go.

   2. My craft room!   This has had more transformations than Joan Rivers' face.  My room has been in so many different spots in our house that even I loose track of them all.  I kid you not!  Just as I get settled and think that I am there to stay, it seems like it's time to move again.  This time is it.  (I'm saying this with crossed fingers, toes, and everything else.)  I'm going to have to sell the house, or die to be moved out of that spot now.  IT WILL BE FINISHED!  I am going to actually get pictures on the wall and decorative touches up here and there and make it a nice space and not just before I die.  This year!  That one is more than a mere intention, just sayin.

   3. I would really, really love to replace the sliding glass door that is in our kitchen.  I HATE that thing.  It is loud, ugly, scratched and did I mention ugly?  Hate it.  I'd love to get one with the integrated blinds in it as then the dogs and Mr. W couldn't ruin them.  I think that they are pretty pricey, but not too sure.  I think it would be well worth it.  Also like to get a doggie door on there and I don't like my hubby's solution.  His is the redneck dog door.  (When the dogs ran through the screen and broke it, he just never fixed it and so they just continue to go through the big hole in the screen!)  It doesn't work for me. 

4.   My foyer floor needs to be refinished.  Desperately.  I would like to get that done.  It is difficult to do because in order to do it we need to get the dogs in a kennel for a few days and then get ourselves out of the house for a couple of days as well, because you can't get anywhere in my house without crossing the foyer floor.  Anywhere of note anyway.  Kitchen or bathroom or bedroom.  And at some point in the day you are going to need at least on of those rooms. Guaranteed.

5.  Okay, 4 is enough for now.  NOT that I don't have more, just because I'm bored and tired of typing.  So there you have it. 

Now, for giggles.  A picture or four!
Our little Miss with her Madame Alexander balerina
Junior Explorer at the National Geographic Museum
Happy Birthday Michelle!
Eating Japenese food with Chopsticks.

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