Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winding Down

Been a long weekend, or so it would seem.  I called out of work of Friday because I felt lousy.  It would seem as though the virus that Michelle and Shawn had last weekend they were kind enough to share with me.  I spent the large majority of the day moving from the couch to my chair with frequent trips down the hall to the loo.  (That sounds so much nicer that those other words I could have used now, doesn't it!)  Work called me just three times and I had to answer only a few emails, so I didn't even have to put my glasses on.  My emails may not have made any sense, but I still didn't put my glasses on so it was worth the it.  My head was killing me anyway.
But, you can't keep me down for long and Saturday I was booked for the day and had to get up and get moving whether I wanted to or not.  So I did my very best to act like I was feeling better thinking that if I acted the part, after a while maybe my body and mind would just fall in line. It didn't work, but I gave it the ole college try.  Anyway, first I headed out to pick up the wedding invitations and they are b-e-a-utiful!  Just love them!  From there I met Michelle and Shawn at a florist in town where we had a consultation and worked out all the details for the flowers for the wedding.  Wow!  So much to consider and flowers sure have gone up a lot since I got married.  To be fair,when Jim and I got married we had a very small wedding and my only attendant was my sister.  We had a small reception that while lovely, consisted of hot horsdorves, an open bar and a piano player playing quietlly on a grand piano.  So, there were not that many flowers.  Just what was needed for the ceremony at the church, but I seem to remember that they were somewhere in the neighborhood of $350.  Granted that was 31 years ago, but that was about what we paid for tax and delivery charges for this wedding!  Boy how times have changed. Ha!  But, we have only one daughter and she's only getting married once and she knows I'd do anything for her.
Michelle and Shawn had come from meeting with the photographer at the church where they went over what specific shots they wanted her to get, what they expected, and what she expected, that kind of thing.  It was a very productive meeting. 
Next, Michelle and I went up to Chambersburg for a dress fitting.  I had picked up her shoes earlier in the week, so we were good to go.  The place was mobbed as prob season is in full swing, but upstairs Michelle was the only one being fitted.  Her dress doesn't need too much done in the way of alterations, but enough.  Her next fitting is February 18th.  After she was done upstairs we went downstairs to shop for a dress for me. Honestly, I think that was more difficult than getting her a wedding dress!  For a number of reasons.  One: she is small and looks good in anything-Me-not so much.  Two: When we were shopping for her we had time to order a dress or buy direct so the selection was good. Me-not so much.  Had to buy off the rack and the selection was depleted.  Three: I don't like me in anything!!  Especially when there are these little girls next to me trying on dresses in a size ZERO and they are teeny tiny skinny little things but they still have BOOBS! There should be a law against that or something!   They should at least be segregated from the old, wrinkled, and saggy ladies like me.  I mean, I put on a strapless dress and the gal helping me said to put my arms up and I said I didn't want to.  Then I asked for a truthful opinion because I didn't want to wave and have half of my arm keep waving long after the rest of me is done.  That's just plain nasty.   Anyway, got a dress.  Wasn't easy, but I got one.

This is it.  Totally different from what I thought I might get, but I am happy with it.  It's hard to tell from this picture, but the color is espresso and it is chiffon and lace with rusching at the top and then a lace overlay skirt and jacket.  It fits well and it I can find the right shoes, then no alterations are necessary.  That's the best news! 
So all in all it was a productive weekend.   

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