Friday, January 27, 2012

Let the Revelry Begin!

The Sisters are getting together and fun is bound to happen!  My sisters are all coming to town!  Almost.  My younger sister Laura, will not be able to join us this weekend because of health issues and she will be missed.  But we will keep her in our prayers and have a glass of wine for her!  Tomorrow is Michelle's bridal shower and my older sister Susan and my baby sister Jenn will both come from Vermont for the Celebration, in addition my SIL Linda will be here from Pennsylvania and my Sister in my heart, Durinda is coming from Virginia.  I am so HAPPY and EXCITED!  They are all coming to share in Michelle's joy and excitement and what a Blessing it all is.  Michelle's Matron of Honor Brooke, is hostessing the shower at her Mom's house, which is right down the street from me.  Michelle and Brooke have been friends since we moved into our home when she was in the 6th grade and Brooke was in the 5th and they have seen each other through many of life's ups and downs.
This is a picture of Brook and Michelle from Brooke's wedding in October of 2010.  And a picture of Diane and I at the same event:
She is perhaps one of the nicest, kindest, most beautiful people you will ever meet!  We used to take our girls and go our for a day of shopping for school clothes together.  They were both a little difficult to fit, small and thin little things.  Worrying about braces, glasses, school, boys and being popular. (One more than the other!)  Now they are both women one married and one soon to be.  Look at our girls now, Diane!
So tonight Michelle and Shawn along with Bella and Aiden will join Jim and I and my two sisters and their two daughters for dinner, should be fun.  Then tomorrow, everyone will converge on Diane's home and celebrate a rite of passage.  I can't wait!  It will be an intimate gathering of people, those closest to her (minus a few exceptions due to health and distance-but we understand!) and she will be showered with love.  She will feel it and know that she is truly loved, by her family, by her friends, her fiance.  And most of all-by God,  who in His perfect timing brought Shawn and Michelle together so that they may know the love that they feel for each other now.  That they may live together as husband and wife and know the joys and blessings that can bring.  (The horror and pain too, but hey-gotta take the good with the bad!)
So, I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.
But before I sign off, here is Bella and her 'Aunt Brookie'.
Have a great weekend!

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