Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I know you're wondering

***Updated to add: Bella was so happy wearing her bus to school! I asked Jim how many other children were wearing buses and guess what? She was about the only one!
How my weekend went. It is Tuesday and I'm just getting to my weekend post! So here goes. We started with Dance class, they were having a yard sale there (which we were unaware of) and Michelle and I got some great stuff-cheap! Then we left and headed for Home Depot for their kids craft. When we pulled up Michelle realized that she left her purse at dance so I dropped her and Bella off and headed back across town to pick up her purse. By the time I returned they were done, so we grabbed a quick lunch and headed up to the zoo. Bella got to help the zookeepers count box turtles and find them in their pen. I know, but she was thrilled! Then they took her picture holding a turtle. She begged me to go in the snake house with her and I went despite my snake phobia. Imagine how happy I was when we walked out of the snake house only to see a 5-6 foot black snake slithering across the walkway-right in front of us! I freaked! Bella and Michelle got as close to it as possible and laughed at me. How's that for support? Anyway, enough of the zoo-we headed home and I got to work.
I finished the 3 candy boxes above,

this notebook, it sparkles though that is hard to see.

This clothespin, great for holding notes, recipes or photos.

This shopping bag that is obviously geared towards a teacher. Complete with a jumbo paper clip bookmark and a notepad.

And this frame, which I like and would actually work in my newly painted bedroom. Hmmm. I may have to rethink selling this one!

In addition, I finished 10 mini composition books and another set of cards. I was really moving!

Then as Sunday was winding down I put dinner on and Jim came in from outside and said that he had told Isabella that I would help her put some spiderwebs in the living room for decoration. OK decorate with spiderwebs, got it. Michelle read the paperwork that came home on Friday with Bella and found out that the kids were supposed to go to school dressed as a school bus to celebrate National Walk to School Day. OK make Bella a schoolbus she can wear, got it. Anything else? Make a schoolbus? She can wear? By Tuesday? What's a Grandma to do? (It was easy for Michelle, she called me! Ha!) So I went to the garage found a box and cut off the top and bottom flaps, took a Sharpie marker and drew a bus on the box. Next I made some windows and painted them black, on the front 2 headlights painted red with glossy accents to shine, an Emergency Exit on the back and a door on the side, then painted the whole thing yellow and touched up with the Sharpie again and so she could wear it I threaded yellow ribbon through the top of each side of the cardboard so the ribbon could sit on her shoulders holding up the bus. Whew! Glad that one is out the door!

So, how was your weekend?


  1. Wow you had a busy yet fun weekend.

  2. Busy you. That teachers bag is too cute.

  3. OK you are braver than me with the snake thing *shudder*

    I want to see a pic of the school bus you made!!

  4. WOW! So busy! I love the frame. I say keep it!