Monday, October 5, 2009

What do you think?

So, any idea what this is? Go ahead guess. This little guy has been a bad boy and has gotten quite a bit of press lately. Yes, it is the H1N1 virus...I have been accused of not being a worrier. That is not totally true, I do worry quite a bit about some things and not so much about others. For instance I worry about my family, but the weather-not so much. I try not to waste my time or energy worrying about things over which I have no control. Case in point-H1N1 (a.k.a. The Swine Flu) I got an email today at work from a gentelman who was visiting our office from California. I was asked to assist this person while he was here, which I did. He was conducting interviews in our offices and I escorted each of his candidates from our reception desk on the 3rd floor to where the interviews were being held on the 2nd floor, I brought him lunch, shook hands with all of the candidates and the guest, and cleaned up after his departure. When he returned home to San Francisco, he emailed me to say thank you for my assistance. No big deal. This morning I received another email from him, informing me that he has been diagnosed with H1N1 along with 2 of his daughters. As is required of me, I notified the VP of HR and in doing so, his Executive Assistant. She kinda squalked, threw her arms up in the air and began wringing her hands in worry. Me, I laughed. Her response to me was something along the lines of 'How can you be so calm?'. To which I again laughed and said something like 'No sense worrying about it, either I'll get it or I won't.' But it got me thinking. Why are some people more prone to worrying than others? My mother in law worried if she didn't have anything to worry about! I can't be bothered. Maybe I am just lazy and worrying takes too much effort. I don't know... Which isn't to say that I don't take precautions, I do. I wash my hands and watch where I am going and don't intentionally put myself in harms way, but I try not to let worry rule my day or even my thoughts.
When I went to Johns Hopkins to received the results of my blood test for MD, I was taken to a private room where the genetic specialist along with a counselor were waiting for me. When I was given the positive diagnosis my response was somewhat less than perhaps what was expected. I was happy. Not happy that I had in fact tested positive, but happy to have an answer. Overall, my attitude regarding my health in the years since has been generally to take it in stride. That's not to say that I don't feel poorly, more that I don't anger, sadness or loss regarding my diagnosis. The truth of the matter is, my path is not clear at this point. Only the Lord knows where and how I will end up and I trust in Him. Do you? Do you worry about H1N1, anthrax or stepping off the sidewalk and being hit by a bus? Let me know, I'm interested.

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