Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday, Monday!

Can't stop that day!  Much as I would have liked too, just couldn't keep it from coming.  And come it did, way too early this morning, Monday morning arrived much to my chagrin.  How I wished it was still Sunday for one more day.  I just wasn't ready to face Monday morning and all that goes with it.  Bleh! Blah! Pho-ee!

The weekend was blessedly uneventful.  I went up to Tootie's on Friday night and we went to dinner and caught up on the local chatter.  Haven't seen the gals in a while, so there was much to catch up on!  After dinner we headed back to Toot's for some cropping fun.  I was not terribly inspired, so I just worked on some paper pieced page layouts that I don't even have pictures for!  Ha!  How do you like that?  But when I do have pictures, I'll be ready.  It was good just to be doing something though.  I have been so behind and so unorganized that I really don't know where to start.  I need to print out pictures before I can scrap them and before I can print them out I need to put them on the computer and organize them and that all seems like so much work right now.  I have serious issues, I know! 

So Saturday was the last day of the tax free shopping for back to school clothes, so Michelle and I took Bella out and got her a few things.  She didn't need a whole lot right now, just some tops and pajamas, and a few dresses.  We  had some luck-not a bunch though.  I had a coupon for Gymboree and it was the first time in recent memory when I went in there and wasn't tempted to buy anything, and I had a coupon!  They didn't really have anything new that was for fall.  They had new summer things, but we didn't need any of that.  Children's Place was a mess, and just plain strange styles they had out!  Nothing that I'd put on a first grader.  Luckily Carter's still has clothes for little girls that look like they are for little girls.  She was happy with what we got, so that is what's important anyway, right?
When we got home though I was so tired I laid on the couch and was out before I knew it and woke up when Jim came home and was completely disoriented.  I hate that feeling! 
Sunday he had hoped to go to Hersheypark for the day but I just wasn't up to it.  The man has boundless energy and I just don't any more.  I woke up feeling like I had been the victim of a terrible bar brawl and didn't even have anything to drink!  Bella sat on my lap and asked me why I was vibrating, my muscles were all just convulsing and twitching so much.  She kept asking me to make it stop, and I told her I wished I could.  Took a long hot tub to help to ease the tesion in my muscles, but that didn't help a great deal.  I just felt pretty wiped out all day.  So Jim wanted to clean the garage and basement-I let him.  I helped him, just not a great deal.  I really wasn't up to a whole lot.  I took a nap Sunday too!  And, I didn't take one picture this weekend!  Not one!  Nothing to share.  Sorry!!
Hopefully I'll start feeling like myself and be a little more cheerful and a little more productive for you!
Till then...

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