Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vacation Continued

As promised, the happy couple:
Sam and Tiffanie

Bella was super excited about the wedding and couldn't wait to dance with Carrie and Justin and to see her cousin Katie again!  They did not dissapoint and lavished her with lots of attention as did Sarah and Jackie and Bill, too.  She put her dancing shoes on and had a good old time, she didn't care if the music was playing or not, she was ready to dance!

And the girl has got some moves, let me tell you.  We often used to worry that she was going to put out a hip or something, but all our worries were for naught.  She's got the moves down!
We didn't stay very late though as we had a two hour drive back to Bill's house that night and ha plans to go to the zoo in the morning...
So after breakfast, we headed off to the Pittsburgh Zoo.  Jim really is a zoo person, me-not so much.  Although since being married to him I have become more of one I must admit.  Ha!  We visit them often enough that's for sure.  Anyway, Jim had really been wanting to take Bella to the Pittsburgh Zoo for sometime and I was happy to go along and we did have a great time.  The zoo has changed a lot since the last time that we were there and the children's zoo is completely different!  Bella had a great time, lots of things to climb on and play on, slides and interactive things.  It was really nice.   And I just loved seeing the polar bears, they were so much fun to watch!  Here are a few pictures of our day there:

Bella loved watching the Sea Lions play, we watched from both above and below ground!

Here we are with one of the elephants! We got to touch his tusk and pet him, pretty cool!

In the Children's Zoo

Playful Polar Bears
Touching a blue and yellow speckled sting ray.
That was our day at the zoo.  It really was fun.  We were all pretty beat by the time we left, especially me.  Ha!  When we got back to Bill's I laid down and slept for two hours.  Did I mention that the zoo is built on a hill?  Lots of walking up and down stressing my muscles to the max. 
Enough for today, I'll share our final day of vacation with you tomorrow! 
Have a great day!

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  1. I love that picture of Bella watching the seal.
    Sounds like a fun filled day.