Monday, November 8, 2010

First Saturday

On the first Saturday of each month our downtown shops stay open a little later and the downtown area offers a special event to bring people out.  This past Saturday was the beginning of the  holiday season and they offered a Holiday Open House.  All the little brick shops were lined with white lights, red and green balloons were everywhere, decorations were in all the shops and a festive air filled the streets!  There were wine tastings and free food, a brass band, and free horse drawn carrige rides and trolley rides.  We went down for a while to join in the festivities and after waiting in line and enjoying meeting some new 'neighbors', we got on a carriage ride.   It was such a beautifully chilly night for a ride, we all enjoyed it so much.  Bella was delighted with the two big black horses that pulled the carriage, Max and Timmy.  After the ride she went up front to pet them and because Timmy was getting a lot of attention she pet Max.  But each time that she tried to stop petting him he started to nibble at her and she would just laugh and laugh!  It was so cute.
Then she talked to Timmy and told him that she had an Uncle named Timmy so she loved that name.  She just warms my heart. 
So here we are on the carriage ride.  Jim snapped the picture.  I don't know what that big black spot is so please ignore it!


  1. That sounds like such a fun time! I feel like Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming so fast!

  2. Ohh this sounds like a wonderful time. So neat that your town does this.