Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Recap

Monday arrived far too quickly!  The weekends never seem to last long enough.  I went into the weekend without too much on my agenda and though I kept busy nothing was planned out.  It was nice. 
Friday night Jim and I took Isabella to the mall to await the arrival of Santa Claus.  They had been heavily promoting it on the local radio station and she had heard it and wanted to go so we thought why not.  Michelle was working so it was just the three of us.  We didn't know what to expect so got there early in the event that there was a big crowd.  They had  little elf show before the grand entrance and then onceSanta came through that was basically it.  He came in and invited the kids to come to the center court and see him and then he went to take his seat at center court.  Jim scrambled to get in line with Bella to get her picture taken with Santa and even though he went right away, we were still in line for quite a while.  She told Santa that she wanted a unicorn pillowpet for Christmas.  That was it!  She's pretty easy.  We got a cute picture of the two of them together too. 
Saturday, since we had no plans we took it easy.  Lingered over coffee, stayed in our jammies, took a nice long shower and leisurly cleaned the house.  Then Bella said that she'd like to go back to the mall and show her Mom some of the things that we'd seen the night before, so off we went.  Jim had to work so it was just us girls.  While we were there, Michelle had the great idea to have Bella's pictures re-shot from La
Petite at Picture People and went there to see if they could get Bella in and they said they could.  Of course, Bella wasn't dressed for a picture so we had to buy her an outfit!  She had on a cute hat so I suggested we get her something to match her hat as I thought it would look cute in pictures.  Bella was in a great mood for modeling and they wound up giving us 26 proofs to view!  All good!  Talk about hard choices.  We were finally able to make our selections and get out of there with some really good photos and Michelle also had here Christmas cards printed.  It only took about 2 hours total, I didn't think that was bad for a walk in on a Saturday in November. 
Sunday brought church and after that it was time to clean and condition the hot tub.  Talk about a job.  Ugh!  Fortunately the weather was perfect for it.  Not too hot or too cold.  I got it done in  no time, but unfortunately for me, the conditioning requires a lot of buffing and my arms are killing me now!  The are like wet noodles.  I was able to get a brief (and I stress the word brief) nap in, before Jim was suggesting that it would be a good day to go to the Hallmark store for our ornaments.   Every year since our marriage we have bought a Hallmark ornament for our tree, then when each of the children came along they too, were allowed to pick out one ornament for their tree.  The idea is that when they leave home they will have enough ornaments to fill a tree or at least to make a good start and to have some cherished memories.  Bella is included in the tradition as well.  It is always fun for us and a family event.  Tim wasn't able to go with us this year, but the rest of us went.  And like when our kids were little, Bella just couldn't decide w hich one to choose.  In the end, after much debate this is what she picked:
It plays "All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" and we thought it was perfect!
She is tickled with it too.

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