Monday, November 29, 2010

Short Break

Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Shopping, all seemed to be a good reason to take a short blogging break.  So I did!  My family spoiled me on my birthday with lots of stamp sets from Paper Trey Ink, a new charm for my bracelet, CDs, a camera case, all kinds of stuff.  What fun!
Then I got up at the crack of dawn on Thursday and started my Thanksgiving dinner.  Lots of work to be done, but well worth it.  We had a nice dinner and a really nice day.  I made these little guys for each place setting:
They were filled with after dinner mints.  I thought they were cute.  (Stamps from Inky Antics)
Then after our company left Michelle and I began pourin over the Black Friday ads in anticipation of our annual shopping trip.  We cut coupons, made lists, set a strategy and we all set to go!  Come 1:00 AM, she woke me (she had not yet been to bed!) I jumped into my clothes, we got ready and off we went, arriving at our first destination at 1:59 AM.  We shopped at the Hagerstown outlets, then hit the mall, some stand alone department stores such as Kohls & Target and then back to the outlets.  Then we headed back down the road to Frederick and hit those stores ending up back home at around noon.  Once home we crashed!
We did get some good buys and got lots of shopping done, but most of all we had fun together. 
Friday night, we went downtown to herald the arrival of Santa to Frederick in the Frosty Friday celebration.  He came in via horse drawn carriage, then he directed the crowd in singing Christmas carols.  It was fun and Bella loved it! 
We also started to decorate the house for Christmas.  We go a little crazy around the holiday, so it does take a while to get everything out, but we mad a good dent.  Michelle and Bella each put their trees up in their bedrooms and decorated them.  We have one small tree on the porch that is flocked with snow and decorated with all bird ornaments and that is up.  Then we have a full size tree in the living room with white lights and an angel on the top.  That tree is decorated in a more Victorian manner with white, pink, dark green, gold and burgundy colored ornaments with glitter and glitz and tinsel.  In our family room we have a more traditional tree with multi colered lights a star on top and whimsical, fun ornaments that we have colected over the years.  Those are the trees that we have up at this point, we usually have 3 more, but they are not done yet and may or may not get done this year, it depends on how things shape up.
I still have a ways to go, but like I said I've made a good dent in things!

In other news, we got to meet Michelle's new boyfriend.  She has been seeing him for about a month now and we finally got to meet  him over the weekend.  He seems very nice and they are clearly taken with each other.  It is nice to see!  So this is mostly for the family but here is a picture:

Kind of a weird picture of Michelle, but you get the idea.  Oh and by the way, I did get Shawn's permission to post this before I just went ahead and posted it. 

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