Friday, February 11, 2011

Jersey Girls

The Good Kind.

If you have watched that reality show that is all the rage now Jersey Shore, you may think that you have an idea about Jersey Girls.  You do not.  That show does nothing to depict either the kind of girls that New Jersey is known for or the state itself.  How do I know? 
                                     I am a Jersey Girl!  Born and Bred, baby!
I can speak and write intelligently.  I don't hide in a pouf or laquer my hair so much that it is considered a fire hazard.  (My body either.)  But, I can still get my 'New York' up when needed.  So you don't mess with a Jersey Girl. 
Here are two  more Jersey Girls.  They're the real thing! 
These are my cousins: Christine and Linda.  You don't want to mess with either one of these girls either. 
They are actually from the Jersey shore.  But let me tell you something about these girls, they are as nice as can be, they are all about family, they are fun, they are real and just plain good people.  I have the privilege to call them family. 
This picture was taken when we were in Florida last weekend on my Blackberry.  (I didn't bring my camera.)  In the area where my parents and aunt and uncle live, one mode of transporation is golf car.  We had just come back for a nice long ride with a stop downtown.  We thought that my Mom wanted to get rid of us 6 girls (my 3 sisters, myself and my 2 cousins) for a while, but it turns out she just wanted us to take advantage of the Florida sunshine.
Anyway, we had a blast with them.  Considering the circumstances. I'd love to get together just for fun.  Rarely get those kind of opportunities though.  Everbodies schedules and such.  So here's a shout out to my cousins Christine and Linda-Hiya' girls!  Great to see ya'!  You gals made me laugh, you made me cry and you Jersey girls sure can throw  your money around!  Ha! 

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