Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Finally totally finished with Bella's rom and boy does it feel good!  We worked on hanging pictured over the weekend and adding the finishing touches.  So now, I can finally post some pictures.  First I have to give a disclaimer.  Isabella is six and she actually lives in this room.  What do I mean by this?  You know how sometimes you see pictures of rooms that are posted on websites and you think 'Yeah, but does anyone really use that room?'.  Well she uses this room.  As evidenced by all the 'stuff ' in it. Ha!  This is not a model room or a nursery waiting for a baby. 
This is looking in from her door.
The letters over her bed I got at Joann's and painted them then used scrapbook paper (Basic Grey) and Mod Poged in on.  I added different elements to some of the letters like a little bling crown, rub on words, a flower, etc.  added ribbon and hung them. 

This view if from the opposite side. 
The valances are gingham and have rick rack trim, got them on sale at Kohl's.  Her furniture was her nursery furnitur that converted to a full sized bed, same dresser.    You can see her many scrapbooks on the top of her dresser.  The poster in between her windows she picked out and we just bought a cheap-o frame from Michaels. (It is wooden but looks black in the picture.)  The little shelf in the corner is from Target and holds her CD player that she got when she was born.  CD's and DVD/s and some little things of hers.

This is the wall that the door is on.
The little signs say SING, DANCE and LAUGH, another Target find.  The shelf I got at Joann's and painted to match the room.  That is her TV in the corner on her bookshelf. 

Just another view. 
The little heart shaped shelf Bella made at  Home Depot.  I painted it to match the room.
She hung her Home Depot apron on it and her Dance Company bag on it. 
The keyboard was a hand me down from a neighbor, she loves it.  Best thing about it is that it has head phones so that she can practice and the whole house doesn't have to hear it.  Ha!
The wicker basked was a gift from my sister meant for her dress up clothes, but they  now fit in her closet.  So, her many, many stuffed animals go there.  Believe it or not she went through her animals and gave away two for each one she kept!   She also made a spice rack at Home Depot and has had me paint that as well and wants that hung in her room so that she can display her 'specimen jars' on the rack!  She has things like butterfly wings she has found and robin's eggs and a  hornet's nest (minus the hornet) all in little jars.  She is a collecter, my girl. 
So that's the grand tour of our little princesses room.  What do you think?  I'd love to get some feedback.

One more picture to share with you today.  My hubby surprised me with a special gift yesterday for Valentine's Day.  Here she is:
I have coveted this statue for my garden for sometime now, but have never been able to find her.
Well, while Christmas shopping I came across her and boy, was I delighted!  I told Jim about my find and where he could locate her and I told the shop owner that if Jim should come in that she was to let him know I wanted her.  I told him that Mother's Day would be the perfect time to give her to me.  So I was  not at all expecting to find her waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday. 
But I must say,  he does take direction well.  Ha!
I can't wait for the weather to warm up so that I can find the perfect spot for her in my garden!



  1. Congrats on the statue! It is cute! The bedroom turned out fabulous! Love the color choices and the stripe of pink near the top! It really pops it!

  2. Ohhh my goodness, Bella is a very lucky girl. The room turned out beautifully.
    Loving your garden statue.