Friday, April 29, 2011

Ahh the Romance!

Look at this Cathedral.  Isn't it spectacular?  I can't help it, I'm a hopeless romantic.  I tyvod the whole Royal Wedding, or at least I hope I did.  Lucky for me we have a TV at work and I am in the lobby for the first  hour and was able to watch it.  We only get one channel CNN,  but that was okay because that channel just happened to be carrying the wedding.  It was funny too, because very few people were in today, many took the day off to watch the coverage at home.  The few that were trickeling in stopped by to watch with me.  So why are we so fascinated by the royals?  What is it about them that captures our attention?
Maybe it is just the whole idea of 'royalty', the 'prince' and 'princess' thing.  Let's face it, what little girl doesn't dream of someday being swept off her feet by a handsome prince  I did.

Oh, and look at them.  Aren't they so cute?  I remember when then Lady Diana married Prince Charles.  I got up super early and watched the entire thing.  I had just gotten married myself and Michelle and William are only a few months apart in age.  That doesn't seem like so long ago...
Boy am I getting old!
In watching the coverage this morning they were interviewing some of the people in the crowd and they spoke with one woman who was camping out and asked her how long she had been there.  Her answer?  Three days!  Now, I like a good weddig as much as the next person, but three days.  Outside.  No thank you.  I'd rather watch from the comfort of my favorite chair if I had my druthers.  Now, make it a national holiday and maybe we can talk but somehow I think that my answer would still be the same. 

In other news, yesterday was WILD weather-wise around here!  We went to bed to severe thunderstorm warnings and th sound of rain on the rooftops and woke up to tornado warnings.  That is just not something that is the normal around these parts.  Sure we get more than our fair share of thunderstorms, but tornados are another thing entirely!   It was wicked.  There were road closings everywhere.  What was really surprising was that schools were open and on time.  Many people were up in arms about that!  The radio and TV news was warning everyone to stay inside if you didn't have to go out, and to delay travel if you could and yet the kids were trotting off to school. 
This is what it looked like.  Not too pleasant.  I was expecting someone to yell 'We have cows!' 
But we were lucky, no one was hurt that I know of.  Unlike the folks in Alabama.  We should all take a moment and say a prayer for those people, what a tragedy.  So much devestation and so many lives lost.  

Tomorrow the sun will shine and it is supposed to be a beautiful day!  I sure hope so, I know that I will enjoy it.  How about you? 

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