Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Spring Break!

For Isabella anyway.  I don't get any time off work, but between Jim and Michelle she is well taken care of.
Sunday after church we had a special treat in store for our girl.  She had been anxiously awaiting this day for a long time.  It was the culmination of a 6 year old's dreams, something that she was so excited about that it was almost palpable.  What did we do?  We took her to see the "Imagination Movers" live and in concert!
I know, you can hardly stand it right.  Don't hate me because I get to do all the fun stuff.  I am just a regular gal without connectons, but we did score some tickets! 
First we went to have lunch on the creek and we choose Five Guys because we thought it would be fast and had heard a lot about the place.  If you have never been to a Five Guys before let me warn you, make sure your arteries are cleaned out well before eating, because they're gonna get gunked up there.  That's for sure. 
That means that the food is good, but they put it in a paper bag and by the time you get to your seat the grease is already soaking through the bag.  I had a small cheeseburger with lots of veggies on it and it was very good.  Michelle got fried with her vegetable and cheese sandwich and that was the source of the grease.  She loved them though!  Bella had a hot dog and she ate it all, so that says a lot right there.
Anyway, on to the show.  If you don't know who the Imagination Movers are then you probably don't spend a lot of time watching Playhouse Disney.  Choo Choo Soul opened for them and they were very upbeat and fun.  Worked the crowd up well.  Genevieve is the hip-hop train conductor and DC is a dancer and beatboxer dressed as a railroad engineer.  They were a lot of fun and Genevieve wore a conductors uniform made from polyeste and told the kids that she proved you could look totally cool and rockin' with out showing any skin!  Loved that!

Here are Genevieve and DC.
Then it was on to the main attraction, what everyone in the packed house was there to see.  The stage lights dimmed, then the fog started to rise and then,  through the fog and the darkness, this is what we saw:
As one by one Smitty, Dave, Jeff and Scott took the stage.  And the crowd went wild!!
The sang their songs and danced and came down into the aisles to shake hands with the kids.  The children and parents and grandparents alike sang along with some of their songs.  They even brought a few special guests!

Here's Nina.  Warehouse Mouse and Timmy the were there too.  Yeah, the place was really rockin'!  The best part of it all though-
this smile tells the story!  Bella with her own little Warehouse Mouse to cuddle.  Oh, she even got 2 guitar picks too!  One from Dave and one Rich.  Cool-huh?

Since then, Jim has taken her to see the movie Hop, a Frederick Keys baseball game, fishing at the lake and to the Zoo to see the opening of their new reptile exhibit!  The last three things were all in one day.  He's doing his best to keep her busy. 
Michelle took the day off and they had a Momma and Bella day that was celebrated with Pedicures, a lunch date, baking brownies and getting to watch Aiden play in his baseball game. 
It's tough being a kid!
So, what have you been up to?

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  1. 1. There is no more Playhouse Disney, only Disney Junior
    2. Rich, not Jeff, is the fourth Mover
    3. She is seriously lucky, but so are all of us- we get to do this cool stuff with her!