Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guess where I've been?

Actually, nowhere!  But first Blogger was doing weird things and  not letting me or anyone else it would seem post anything and then my computer decide to become infected with a horrendous virus. We had to put her in the shop and by the time that we got her back I've been so busy at work that I just haven't been up to hooking her back up.  So that brings us to today, and here I am.

Have actully had an incredibly great few weeks.  Mother's Day was terrific.  Pretty laid back, but that is really how I like it.  The kids were all around and Jim didn't have to work so we went to a baseball game and just spent the day together.  Afterwards we had a nice dinner, and that was about it.  I got a Nook and a Spa day and a Mani and Pedi so it was all good! 
Tried to get just one picture of all of us together, but someone always has their eyes closed!

And I want to tell you a few cute Bella stories, because they grow so fast.  (As evidenced by the big kids in the picture above.)  I don't want to forget the funny things that she says and the way that she makes us laughs and keeps us on our toes.
So, she and I are driving in the car together on our way to see Jim at his work in Virginia.  Bella had not been there and had wanted to go.  She looking around and suddenly she says "I am unfamiliar with this area."  I hadn't had a chance to say much of anything before she pipes up again and says "Do  you know what that mean, unfamiliar?  Actally, 'un' is a prefix and in this instance it means not, so you would only have to know what familiar means.  Do you know what familiar means?"  I told her that I did and gave her the definition. 
"Oh, very good GaGa.  Do you know what 5 times 5 is?"  I said I did and asked if she did.  "Yes, it's 25!"  I told her she was correct and to that she replied "See GaGa, you are smart!"  (No matter what anyone says is what she didn't say!)   And need I remind you, she is only nearly 7! 
I do love that kid!
She has another dance competition on Saturday and then on Sunday Michelle and Shawn and hoping to take the kids to the zoo. Jim will be working so I just might  have some craft time available! 

That's it for now....

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