Thursday, May 5, 2011

Physical Therapy & other Nonsense

Sometimes life has a way of kicking you a good swift kick in the gut doesn't it?  And you may fall down and decide to pull yourself up again and just when you are about there, yup you guessed it, something goes and knocks you back down again.  Has that happened to you?  It's kind of like when you were a kid and visiting the ocean and you were playing in the waves.  Remember?  I know you do.  Anyway, that's what I feel like sometimes.  I'm guess we all do to a certain extent. 
Bu today I am speaking specifically about physical therapy.  Remember back when I said that my doctor had prescribed it for me as a way to 'take a vacation from myself'.  Well, IT"S NOT!  It's still me, in my same dysfunctional body and if that's not bad enough they make me work.  HARD WORK!!  I mean I sweat and everything.  The horror!  Can you even imagine.  This is no vacation. 
I want to know:
            Where are the margaritas?
                                   Where is the beautiful scenery?
                                                          Where is the sun?
                                                                           Oh, for crying out tears where is the hot pool boy? 
Believe me, this is no vacation.  At least not any that I've dreamed about.  Now I admit that I have been known to having dreams of grandeur, but this is ridiculous!  And this is the worst of it, there is no end in sight.
This is the thing, I go in and I work out-I exercise my muscles to wear them out so that they have no choice but to relax.  After that, they give my muscles electric stimulation.  Which I admit I like.  I lay down for it and no one touches me and sometimes I even get a blanket.  After that comes the torture that is commonly known as massage.  This isn't your pretty spa type massage either.  It's hard and it hurts.  She is trying to get the bunched up knotted muscles to unbunch and un-knot, using her fingers, hands and sometimes her elbows.  I have to hold on to the table so not to fall off the chair!  She usually get the knots out, but the next day I am so sore from the massage, I would swear that I am bruised.  Then a day after that I go back again and the knots are back, so we start all over again!  UGH!
So how long do I keep at this hoping that something will give?  Oh, the other thing is that is cost $10 out of pocket each visit and I am supposed to go three times a week and it usually takes about an hour and a half.
Not that $30 a week is a huge amount, if it works it's not much at all but if it doesn't, it's way too much.  Plus the time committment, that's a big chunk of time.  And y'all know I don't have a lot of it anyway. 

Oh sorry, I am whining.  I'm over myself, now.  Not hard to get over myself.  All I need to do I thank God for my many blessings in life, and they are so abundant.  I am so wonderfully, truly blessed.  So selfish of me to be complaining of something so insignificant as this.  Now it's out and done.  I'll get dressed and go to PT and be glad I can get there on my own steam.  Some can't.  I will pray for them and give thanks that I can power my own boat.  (So to speak)   Sometimes I just need a gentle reminder.  Or maybe, a good strong kick in the gut.

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  1. I will find out tomorrow how hard life is going to kick me in the gut, when I go to my cardiologist.
    I know that physical therapy is hard, how could your doctor compare it to a vacation.
    Where the heck does he vacation?