Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Review and a Deal!

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Had a great weekend!  Saturday, Bella had her final dance competition of the season.  We drove about an hour for it, though Map Quest told us it would take an hour and 37 minutes so we were early.  Only wrinkle came when we were getting off the exit ramp and an 18 wheeler that was in front of us kicked up a pebble and it hit my windshield.  It didn't chip or crack it right away, but after we parked a crack right in front of the driver side appeared.  It was only about three inches so I didn't worry too much. 

We went inside and got ready for the competition (it was an early morning as she had to be there at 7:45) and after they completed both of their dances, we waited for the awards cermony to begin.  It began on time at 10:30 AM and they won 2 Top Gold awards!  We were out of there a little after 11:00 AM and went out to the car to go home to find that since the sun had come up, the crack in my windshield had now grown to about 8 inches!  Oh well, what can you do.  Today, Jim is home so we are going to have to see about having it replaced!  
After we got home, the girls went to Aiden's baseball game and then spent the rest of the day down at Shawn's house.  Jim and I got some gardening done, pulled a few weeds, planted some new flowers, moved some things around that kind of thing.  We hit Home Depot and looked for a ceiling fan for my craft room too, but the one that we saw that we liked, they didn't have in stock. Isn't that always the way?!
It was just a nice, pleasant day.

Sunday rolled around and we decided to skip church.  Jim had to work, Michelle and Shawn were taking the kids to the National Zoo for the day and I wasn't driving my car, so I stayed home by myself.  I know-by myself! It is so strange sometimes.  I keep waiting for someone to walk in on me, to inturrupt the quiet.  Don't get me wrong, I love having the kids around-I love it!  It is just nice to have some quiet time once in a while.  But every time I thought about doing something, I thought that someone would be coming home soon and I'd have to stop and put it away or stop and start again, so I never really got started!  I'll have to get used to it eventually.  Ha!  I did manage to get a little bit done after they got home.
I'd like to add something to the bottom of the first page, but couldn't come up with exactlywhat I needed.  It will come to me in time.
I'd love to tell you that this was from Halloween of 2010, but alas! I am so far behind that this is from 2009.  What's a gal to do?  Just keep on cropping!
I've got so many projects going on though.  I've started working on Bella's birthday party stuff.  It's right around the corner already!  June will be here before I know it and I've set myself up.  So, this years theme is 'A Day at the Spa'.  She can't wait!  Here are the goodie bags:

I don't know why it's sideways, but hopefully you can get the idea.
The stamp is from  My Clear Stamps
The party colors are blue and pink and I found blue and pink headbands and Michael's last year one of each color per package on sale for .50 and I made these flowers to clip onto them.
A girl in my office brought in a bag with a flower on it made from felt.  The flower was similar to these and I thought I could make it so I played around a bit, looked at some of Bella's and this is what I came up with.  Made from ribbon and tulle, I put stickles on the edges of the ribbon, used  hot glue to put it all together and a little button in the center to add some bling! Lots more to do, but this is a start!
That's all for now...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guess where I've been?

Actually, nowhere!  But first Blogger was doing weird things and  not letting me or anyone else it would seem post anything and then my computer decide to become infected with a horrendous virus. We had to put her in the shop and by the time that we got her back I've been so busy at work that I just haven't been up to hooking her back up.  So that brings us to today, and here I am.

Have actully had an incredibly great few weeks.  Mother's Day was terrific.  Pretty laid back, but that is really how I like it.  The kids were all around and Jim didn't have to work so we went to a baseball game and just spent the day together.  Afterwards we had a nice dinner, and that was about it.  I got a Nook and a Spa day and a Mani and Pedi so it was all good! 
Tried to get just one picture of all of us together, but someone always has their eyes closed!

And I want to tell you a few cute Bella stories, because they grow so fast.  (As evidenced by the big kids in the picture above.)  I don't want to forget the funny things that she says and the way that she makes us laughs and keeps us on our toes.
So, she and I are driving in the car together on our way to see Jim at his work in Virginia.  Bella had not been there and had wanted to go.  She looking around and suddenly she says "I am unfamiliar with this area."  I hadn't had a chance to say much of anything before she pipes up again and says "Do  you know what that mean, unfamiliar?  Actally, 'un' is a prefix and in this instance it means not, so you would only have to know what familiar means.  Do you know what familiar means?"  I told her that I did and gave her the definition. 
"Oh, very good GaGa.  Do you know what 5 times 5 is?"  I said I did and asked if she did.  "Yes, it's 25!"  I told her she was correct and to that she replied "See GaGa, you are smart!"  (No matter what anyone says is what she didn't say!)   And need I remind you, she is only nearly 7! 
I do love that kid!
She has another dance competition on Saturday and then on Sunday Michelle and Shawn and hoping to take the kids to the zoo. Jim will be working so I just might  have some craft time available! 

That's it for now....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Physical Therapy & other Nonsense

Sometimes life has a way of kicking you a good swift kick in the gut doesn't it?  And you may fall down and decide to pull yourself up again and just when you are about there, yup you guessed it, something goes and knocks you back down again.  Has that happened to you?  It's kind of like when you were a kid and visiting the ocean and you were playing in the waves.  Remember?  I know you do.  Anyway, that's what I feel like sometimes.  I'm guess we all do to a certain extent. 
Bu today I am speaking specifically about physical therapy.  Remember back when I said that my doctor had prescribed it for me as a way to 'take a vacation from myself'.  Well, IT"S NOT!  It's still me, in my same dysfunctional body and if that's not bad enough they make me work.  HARD WORK!!  I mean I sweat and everything.  The horror!  Can you even imagine.  This is no vacation. 
I want to know:
            Where are the margaritas?
                                   Where is the beautiful scenery?
                                                          Where is the sun?
                                                                           Oh, for crying out tears where is the hot pool boy? 
Believe me, this is no vacation.  At least not any that I've dreamed about.  Now I admit that I have been known to having dreams of grandeur, but this is ridiculous!  And this is the worst of it, there is no end in sight.
This is the thing, I go in and I work out-I exercise my muscles to wear them out so that they have no choice but to relax.  After that, they give my muscles electric stimulation.  Which I admit I like.  I lay down for it and no one touches me and sometimes I even get a blanket.  After that comes the torture that is commonly known as massage.  This isn't your pretty spa type massage either.  It's hard and it hurts.  She is trying to get the bunched up knotted muscles to unbunch and un-knot, using her fingers, hands and sometimes her elbows.  I have to hold on to the table so not to fall off the chair!  She usually get the knots out, but the next day I am so sore from the massage, I would swear that I am bruised.  Then a day after that I go back again and the knots are back, so we start all over again!  UGH!
So how long do I keep at this hoping that something will give?  Oh, the other thing is that is cost $10 out of pocket each visit and I am supposed to go three times a week and it usually takes about an hour and a half.
Not that $30 a week is a huge amount, if it works it's not much at all but if it doesn't, it's way too much.  Plus the time committment, that's a big chunk of time.  And y'all know I don't have a lot of it anyway. 

Oh sorry, I am whining.  I'm over myself, now.  Not hard to get over myself.  All I need to do I thank God for my many blessings in life, and they are so abundant.  I am so wonderfully, truly blessed.  So selfish of me to be complaining of something so insignificant as this.  Now it's out and done.  I'll get dressed and go to PT and be glad I can get there on my own steam.  Some can't.  I will pray for them and give thanks that I can power my own boat.  (So to speak)   Sometimes I just need a gentle reminder.  Or maybe, a good strong kick in the gut.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life After Shoes

It was time.  I didn't want to do it, but I had put it off long enough.  It has been my experience that this is something that most women don't mind doing.  Some even-dare I say it, like it.  Not me.  No.  For me, this has become something more akin to root canal, or a pelvic exam.  By now you are probably wondering what in the heck I am talking about so I will put you out of your misery, I am speaking of the dreaded act of shoe shopping.  That's right.  You read it correctly, shoe shopping.  For many this is an all to pleasurable experience, but for me it can be an act of pure torture.  I have come to dread it.  As a matter of fact, I have been known to come home from shoe shopping in tears.  I know what you are thinking, this woman is nuts!  But hear me out, look at it from my perspective.  This is what I dream of:
Pretty high heels.
Or this:
Cute, fun, designer sandals.
Then I go into the store and start trying shoes on.  Most of the time I don't even get a salesperson to help me because thoughts of Al Bundy sweating trying to shove a size 6 shoe onto the fat woman with a size 10 foot keep running through my head.  When it comes to my feet, picture this:
I'm not talkin' Wilma.  Yea', that's me.  Fred Flintstone.  Flat, wide, stout feet.  Get the picture.  Now add to that the fact that I spend most of my day on my feet, have let's just say muscle 'issues' and, I can be rather difficult to fit.  I have been out shopping and tried on no less than 30 pair of shoes and not been able to successfully get my foot into one pair.  It is not a fun process.  So, this evening after work and therapy I stopped at a store that was recently opened by a podiatrist.  He measured my foot on some fancy digital thingy and said 'My, you do have flat feet, and wide, and very flat!'  Um Hmmm.  'And one foot is flatter than the other, is that possible?'  he said.  'You're the doctor'  I replied.  'And one leg is significantly shorter than the other, has anyone ever told you that?'  'Well, yes.  I'm sure I've heard that somewhere along the line.'  Anyway, he had shoes that fit, and that are comfortable.  But in finding shoes that are comfortable and that fit you give up a few things.  Like style and a price.  So this is what I got.
Not bad, it is totally comfortable and not ugly but kinda clunky.
And this:
This one is patent leather, hard to see in the picture.  When Jim saw it he was surprised, said it was nice and  pretty, that I didn't usually get pretty shoes!  So, there you go.  Here's the kicker, my bill -and here is where I put the warning in, if you have a weak heart you may not want to read any further- don't say I didn't warn you! 
For 2 pair of shoes.
Now, do you know how many pair of shoes I could have gotten if I wore normal people shoes?  If I went to regular stores and was able to shop like I normally do and get them on sale and then add a coupon on top of it with a super saver or something.  At least six pair-at least.  And a couple of bottles of wine.  Just sayin'.
But it is a necessary evil.  Much as I hated to do it. 
In my next life I'm gonna come back with cute little feet like my mother.  She has these dainty little pretty feet.  Ladies feet.  What's worse is that they are put on the end of slim, beautiful legs, that men (particularly my father) fall over themselves for.  I, on the other hand got my Dad's good German stock and my legs look like tree trunks with wood blocks plunked on the bottom of them! 
Oh well, at least I got shoes on them now.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Something that I don't find myself dealing with too often is solitude.  My house is busy.  With me, Jim, Michelle and a busy 6 year old in the mix something is always going on.  Most weekend days I find myself  playing catch up trying to make up for everything that I didn't get done during the week, the errands that I neglected, the housework that I didn't have the energy to do or the attention that I failed to give to someone.  So my time is rarely my own.  It is just a fact of life and one that I am not complaining about, it's just the way it is.  But this past Saturday was different.  Jim was working and Michelle was scheduled to work an event down at Baker Park for most of the day. which she has done from time to time.  In the past however, I would probably have gone to the park with her and taken Bella to the different booths and let her play until either Michelle or Bella was done, whichever came first.  If Bella was done first, I would have taken her home and watched her until Michelle got home.  I have never minded doing it either.  Bella and I have a great time together and I would do anything to help Michelle out!  But this time, she didn't even ask for my help, as a matter of fact I didn't even know about it until late in the week.  Why?  Because of this:
This is Shawn.
He and Michelle are dating.  Shawn is also the father of a six year old boy named Aiden, and he was to have Aiden for the weekend.  So, Shawn volunteered to meet Michelle and Bella at the park and take Bella for the day.  He took the two kids around the park for a while and then got them some lunch and then they went to Aiden's baseball game.  Michelle was hoping to get to the game, but by the time she finished up the game was over.  Anyway, Shawn had the two kids for the day and I had the day to myself!  He may be wearing a tiara in the picture (courtesy of Isabella) but in my book he's a real prince.

So, what did I do with myself all day?  Well, first I ironed all of the clothes that had been stacked up waiting to be ironed.  For some reason whenever anyone is home and I want to iron, someone says 'Don't do that now, come sit.' so I never seem to get it done.  Got it all done.  Next I spent about two hours cleaning my bedroom, really cleanig it.  I love it when I can really dedicate time like that to cleaning instead of just giving it a cursory once over.  Next up was the living room.  Now something had really been bothering me in that room all week.  Every time I went in there I smelled something, but I couldn't find the source of the smell.  I kept thinking that one of the dogs had fouled themselves or it was stinkbugs or something, but I just couldn't find it.  Well, I was bound and determined to find the source of the smell and find it I did.  Any guesses?
If you guessed an unfound Easter Egg you would be right!  It was between a large plant pot and the plastic lining of the basket that the potted plant sat in.  The egg was liquified and stuck to both the pot and the plastic and smelled so bad that when I picked it up the dogs went running outside!  What a mess that was to clean up.  How did we not know it was missing in the first place?  Well, Michelle and Timmy hid the eggs and before we were able to get downstairs, the dogs were down there and had taken some of the eggs but we didn't know how many they had taken.  So, when we couldn't find any more, we thought we had gotten them all.  The egg that I found was hidden between the plant and the basket and must have been bumped and fallen down to the bottom of the basket and somehow gotten jostled enough to get underneath the potted plant!  Go figure.  Next year it's plastic eggs all the way!
I finished cleaning the plant up and the rest of the living room, cleaned the foyer floor and the powder room, the kitchen and then made fresh banana nut bread because I had a few over ripe bananas.  It was just a really nice day!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I even scrapbooked a little bit and got in a quick nap.  Amazing what you can do in a day!