Friday, May 18, 2012

A Day in the Life

Since I am full of excuses as to why sometimes I get so little done in my creative endeavors, I decided that perhaps I'd give you a glimpse into a typical day into my life. 
4:45 AM-My alarm goes off and I usually get right up with Mr. Wonderful having to push or shove me out of bed.  I stumble into the bathroom where I spend the next 20 -30 minutes doing my morning routine and dressing.  Then it's downstairs to let the dogs outside and pack my breakfast and lunch in an old lunchbag of Michelle's and take my medications.  Next, I sit down and catch up on The Talk on DVR while I straighten my hair and apply my make up in the family room.  (I know-weird.)
5:30-5:45-Out the door and into the car for my commute to wrok.
6:00-6:30-On a normal day I arrive at work between these times, though on some days I do arrive earlier-never later.  I am among the first in the building, so I turn th lights on and bring the paper in, and head to my office.  After dropping my stuff off, I grab my keys and my coffee cup and go get the laptop for the front desk, get coffee, and go open the reception area. Our receptionist doesn't arrive until 8:00 and often we have guests in earlier, so I will need to get them signed in and give them badges.  While there, I have a chance to check my personal email quickly while I sign into all of my work sites. 
8:00-Receptionist arrives and I head back to my office and that's when the real fun begins!  Ha!  Usually I have about a half hour of quiet in the morning and I use that time to review and paperwork that I have on my desk and to eat my breakfast (cereal w/fruit).  I never know what the day is going to bring, but it's always an adventure.  Most days I don't spend a lot of time in my office, as I am running around the building taking care of all kinds of different issues.  When I am in my office, the phone rings way too much and I am forced to answer the darned thing.  That usually leads to something else that I am needed for or required to do and so I am off and running again.  If I am lucky sometime before I leave for the day I eat the lunch that I've packed at my desk, but sometimes it comes back home with me. 
3:30-4:00-I head out the door and leave work for the day and begin the drive home.
4:15-5:00-Arrive home.  Finally!  First thing I do after I drop my stuff is head to the bathroom after the long drive home.  Then I see who's home, usually Bella is there with Grandaddy and I say hi and exchange daily pleasantries, then Bella will often read to me for a bit.  Because the kitchen is always messy from me being gone all day, I will attempt to clean it up a little before I hit the couch or  my favorite chair for a little rest. 
6:15-6:30-Wake up from my 'rest' and have dinner.
7:00-After dinner, I might jump in the hot tub for a while before showering, then I have to thoroughly dry my very thick hair or it will be standing straight up in the morning.  Then it's into my comfy p.j.'s and my comfy chair where I curl up with my laptop and check my favorite blogs, Pinterest, blog myself, and craft what I can from my chair.  (Which is very limited, as you can imagine.)  My energy level is pretty much sapped by now and the thought of having to get up and go anywhere doesn't interest me in the least, so chair it is!
8:00-10:00-Mr. Wonderful and I sit together and watch T.V. or read or whatever,  sometimes I don't make it until ten.  So we head up to bed and fight the dogs for a spot on the bed, go to sleep and get up and do it again the next day!
Saturdays though, I SLEEP!  I can sleep sometimes until almost 9:00!  So, pretty boring but pretty busy.    That's if nothing is going on, when we have something going on it can get really crazy!

Anyway, I wanted to share a few pics with you from our Mother's Day.  We had such a wonderful day!  Spent it at the Zoo.  Bella was in heaven! 
She's so shy, we really need to do something about that!
Yes, that is Bella and I riding a camel.  Ouch!  The camel probably was none too happy either!
Michelle, Bella and Shawn
Bella and Grandaddy feeding the Camel on the Safari Ride

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