Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Title is Different

But the story remains the same.  Not much has changed in my part of the world.  Thus my lack of writing.  My fatigue seems to be worsening as does the pain and though I try to fight it and ignore it, the fact is I am just not able to continue on at the pace that I have set for myself.  Sadly, somethings must go.  I wish that it could be work.  Ha!  But since that is not to be the case at this juncture in time, I have heeded the call the slow down a bit and take things a little slower.  At the same time, I also have come to accept that there are some things that I have got to allow room for and one of those things is Physical Therapy.  As much as I didn't like going for a multitude of reasons, being away from it for a while has made me realize that there was value in it for me.  But I think that perhaps what I need to do is shop around a bit because I don't think that the therapist that I was seeing was the right one for me personally. 
I am the type of person who needs acceptance, needs to be liked.  Now, I don't have to like you but I want you to like me.  Crazy?  Yeah, I know.  Maybe, I'm seeing the wrong kind of therapist!  Anyway, the therapist I was seeing before kind of had an attitude with me and I thought she didn't like me and I wasn't going to leave that practice until I had her liking me.  Part of my therapy included massage and let me tell you, when she gave massage you knew it!  It was like one of those old black and white movies where the guy goes in for massage with a woman and he's on the table and the masseuse walks in with arms the size of Toledo.  Yeah, like that!  I used to have Mr. Wonderful check my back for bruising after she got done with me.  No kidding.  Pain.  Oh, yeah.  Then I talk to my doctor about it and she said that I shouldn't have any pain, so I was outta there!  It's just a matter of time now for me to find someone that I am comfortable working with, who takes my insurance, has convenient hours and is nearby work or home.  Not asking too much.
In other news, Bellas birthday- otherwise known as the most important day in the month of June according to her, is rapidly approching and I am working on all things party.  Woot, woot!  Pink, black, white and girly to the max!  It so aptly describes both my girl and her party theme.  I took her shopping with me last week to Party City to pick out some things for said party, paper goods, pinata stuffers, that kind of thing.  As we are walking the aisles she is looking and looking for just the right 'look' and I'm smiling to myself.  I picked up a package of napkins that were black with polka dots and she informed me that they were the wrong color pink.  Okay, put those back and keep looking.  Then she squeeled and reached out her hand a grabbed a package of napkins and said she found the perfect ones.  They were exactly the right colors, bright fuscia pink with black polka dots and across the bottom they said "Another year of Fabulous".  She thinks they are perfect!  Through the rest of the store she was singing 'Fabulous, fab-you-lous...!'  Oh, how I enjoy that little girl!

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