Saturday, May 12, 2012

I've been a little quiet around here lately, but rest asured I am still alive and kicking.  Just things have been busy and I'm still dealing with pink eye.  I have not been able to kick it!  I took the eye drops as directed for times a day for the required seven days and treated both eyes, then on the ninth day it was back again.  I called the doctor and was told to continue to take the drops, use hot compreses, same routine as before and so I did.  I also bought new eye makeup again and changed the sheets and took washing my hands to a new religion and my eyes got better.  I finished up the medicine on Thursday and woke up Friday and you guessed it-pink eye again!  This time it was in the other eye, just for a change of pace I guess but it was there never the less.  So, I worked a short day and put in yet another call to the doctor.  This time the medicine was changed and I picked up new drops at the pharmacy on Friday that were more expensive and not generic and the bottle is half the size of the last bottle, so I am really hoping the this works.  I am tired of feeling lousy, tired of the doctor, tired of medicine and quite frankly- my eyes really hurt!
 Needless to say, I have not been terribly productive.

Today though, the weather has finally broken and it is just beautiful here.  The sky was bright blue and it was a perfect day!  Michelle had called last night and asked if she and Shawn could come over with Bella and Lady (their dog) and we were happy to have them.  Mr. W worked in the morning and so I cleaned the house and got the deck cushions and umbrellas out, made a pasta salad, and some limeade and ordered some chicken and ribs from Giant Eagle.  Jim picked up the food on his way home from work, the kids brought over a cheesecake for dessert and we spent the afternoon on the deck enjoying each other's company, good food, watching the dogs play and loving on Bella.  It was a great day!   The only thing that could have made it any better is if Tim and Esther could have been here too.  But it was a truly wonderful day.

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