Thursday, June 14, 2012

Birthday Party Fun! Part 2

Sorry that it's taken so long to get back with more pictures from the party, but I've been waiting for Shawn to get me his pictures. I was hoping that his pictures may have been better than mine, but they were about the same though he had a few more.  

On to the party!

From the top left: Guests were greeted at the front door with bright balloons, tulle ribbon,a birthday sign and a rag wreath that I had made just for the birthday girl.  Next up is a close up of the sign.  Then on to the table, more balloons and a plethora of pink!  The Eiffel Tower was just a cardboard cutout that I found on Celebrate Express.  Each place had a little placemate with a poodle on it and underneath is said 'Bon Apetite'.  Little coffee drink bottles were washed, had the labels  removed and re-labeled with birthday labels made especially for Bella, the topes were painted black and they were filled with fruit punch and a striped straw tied on to the bottle with twine.  Maribou trimmed cutlery caddy.  I picked that caddy up at Michael's for next to nothing last year and have gotten lots of use from it.

Little pink poodles also came from Celebrate Express and were given to each of the party guests.  Though I had planned on having activities and games for the kids, once we decided on the bounce house I though they'd be too busy to care about games and such. Pink and White Poodle cookies that I made and which Bella and Aiden helped me to decorate.  The platter trio holds Chocolate covered Strawberries, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Bon Bons (also known as Buckeyes).  Finally a flower pot full of fluffy puppy tails - marshmallow pops!  Everything was labeled with pink labels and the table was decked out with lots of balloons on either side. 
That's all for now, I'll finish  up in another post.  This one has taken me a long time as I lost the whole thing once and had to redo the entire post!
Enjoy for now!

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  1. Karen, thank you for the comment on my dresser! You asked about the lion head pulls and no, they were not original. In fact, I bought them at Ace Hardware yesterday. I made them look older with furniture wax! Thanks for stopping by!