Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I love Easter!  My heart always feels so full and I get very emotional during this season.  As I think of the sacrifices that have been made, the pain and the suffering, all so that I can be forgiven from sin!  I think of the journey that Jesus made, His teachings, the miracles performed and everything that led to His arrest and crusifixion, and ultimately to the Resurection.  Alive! 

Many of you who know me know that I associate so much with music and to specific songs.  Lyrics set to music make me feel more, experience more, because it is about so much more than words and music for me. 
Lately, I have been playing The Story CD.  Constantly.  The songs are beautiful and the artists who perform them are amazing!  One of the many songs on this 2 disc set that I love, love, LOVe is Alive.  It is sung by Natalie Grant who sings with such passion as Mary Magdalene.  Here are the words that so move me:

Who but You/ Could breathe and leave a trail of galaxies/ And dream of me?/ what king of Love/ Is writing my story until the end/ With Mercy's pen?/ Only You/ what kind of king? Would chose to wear a crown that bleeds and scars/ To win my heart?/ What kind of Love/ Tells me I'm th reason He can't stay/ Inside the grave?/ You. Is it You?/ Standing here before my eyes? Every part of my heart cries// Alive! Alive!/ Look what Mercy's overcome? Death has lost and Love has won/ Alive! Alive?/ Hallelujah, risen Lord/ the only One I fall before/ I am His because He is alive// who could speak/ And send the demons back from where they came/ With just one Name?/ What other heart/ Would let itself be broken every time until He healed mine?/ You. Only You/ Could turn my darkness into dawn/ Running right into Your arms// Emmanuel, the promised King/ the baby who made angels sing/ Som on Man who walked with us/ Healing, breathing in our dust/ the author of all history/ The answer to all mysteries/ the Lamb of God who rolled away/ The stone in front of every grave

Alive! I say that to myself over and over and think about it, He is Alive!  We are alive because of Him!  Death has lost and Love has won! Those words hold such meaning.  Death has lost, because upon death we are reborn into His kingdom because He loves us.  What an amazing thing to know, to believe and to trust.  We, those left behind, we hurt and we grieve but doesn't that sting hurt a little less when we trust in the knowledge that we will be reborn?  That our life truly begins again after death.  I am overcome, overwhelmed and Blessed.  We all are. 

We had a wonderfully quiet Easter.  Just Mr. Wonderful, myself, Michelle, Shawn and Isabella.  Tim and Esther were not able to make it.  :(  Of course we understood, but we missed them none the less.
Bella was delighted with the whole day!  Her joy is truly contagious!  A few pictures from our day!

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

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