Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Behind Our Garden Gate

Did you all have a great weekend?  The weather here was spectacular on Saturday and then it heated up again on Sunday, but we were glad for what we got. 
Bella has been asking to get her nails done, but during dance season she is not allowed to wear polish on her fingers or toes.  So we celebrated the end of the dance season by going in for a mani and pedi.  She loved it and I'm not going to lie-I did too!
Sunday it was girls day.  My cousin Kathy has a daughter who is the same age as Bella and though they seldom get to spend time together, Tory always makes it to Bella's  birthday party.  Yesterday, Tory had her party at a Skate Fun Park.  My aunt and uncle were in town from Colorado for Tory's recital, and though her birthday isn't until September, Tory wanted her grandparents there so she had her party early.  The girls get along so well and really have fun together, it is so nice to see!
They just love each other!
                                             This little girl sure loves her Grandma!

In other news, I'd like to take you on a tour of our yard to show you what we/ve been up to. (And by we, I mean that I go to the nusreries with Mr. W, show him what I like, bring it home and he does all the work!)\

I really love to garden and have always been an active participant in our garden, but lately I just haven't been able to do it. It is just to taxing on my body.

That orange bench that you see is one we have had for years.  It was built with extra lumber from our deck and has been moved all over the yard and never made an impact at all.  This year I was thinking I would paint it when the Mr. suggested the same thing.  We wanted something bright and eye catching, so I got the orange.  It took about 5 cans to cover.  (I should have primed it first!)
We love the look.

The string that is around the pond is there to keep the Herons' out, they love to swoop down and snack on our fish!

This garden has a little asian feel. I'd like to get a Budda or something for this area.
The fountain had not been used for several years, but the one that we had down here died so the one you see was brought back out. 

This is another view of the same garden.  What you can't see is that this garden is kind of a kidney shape and starts at about the middle edge of our patio and wraps around the corner of it.  That lattice screen I designed and our neighbor built for us many years ago.  It mirrors the corner of the patio and creates a screen from the neighbors behind us.
Again the same garden, this is where it begins.  In the Spring we have bright blue windflowers that pop up all around the bottom of that tree.  One of my favorite pieces of statuary is in the tree-a monk on a swing!

This is under the deck.  Jim loaded it up with hostas as it gets full shade and added the stepping stones to creat a path to the spicket.
The gnome (barely visible in the back there) was Bella's idea.  She love him!

This is right inside our gate.  It used to be a sun/shade garden, but now is complete shade. 
I think that we have a total of 5 birdbaths and all of them are frequented by our birds as well as the stream bed in the pond area.

I love our backyard!  It is a peaceful oasis in the middle of a subdivision.  When you are back there you forget the location as it is very quiet and peaceful.  There are frogs in the pond that make themselves known in the evenings and mornings, lots of birds and dragonflies, and butterflies, so relaxing.

So there you have it.  While these are not all of the gardens in our back yard, they are a good representation.  I'll try and take an overall picture to show you that we still have plenty of green yard space available for playing!  What kind of gardening do you do?

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