Monday, June 3, 2013

Where I've Been

The short and easy answer is: Nowhere!  I have just been BUSY!  Working on so many different things in the last few weeks and working at my job and my home and everywhere there is a lot going on!
Bella's birthday party is Saturday, and I have been busily working away on all the different elements for the party.  She gets so excited about everything and never forgets to thank me for everything-she makes it a joy to do things for her!
Memorial weekend was very low key.  We didn't go away or have anyone over which saved me some.  Michelle and Shawn did have a yard sale though and since they don't have a yard, it was at my house.  So, I got up at 5:30 on Saturday and started pulling tables out and the multitude of boxes that they had been keeping in our garage until the sale.  They showed up before seven and took it from there, but I did sit outside for most of the sale.  They were able to get rid of a lot of things, but I have scheduled a Purple Heart pick up for all that did not sell. 
After we cleaned up, we all headed to Sam's Club to pick up a few (hundred) things.  When we finished with that, I dropped the kids off at their house and headed home to try and get in a few things before the Mr. got home from work and before I knew it he was home and I was fixing dinner and the day was shot!
Sunday found me in my craft room working to finish up some projects for Bella's birthday party when my lovely daughter called to say that Bella was ready for her 9 year photo shoot.  She and I headed out to the park and I was able to capture some wonderful images of this precious girl!

She is growing up so quickly I can hardly stand it!  We had a wonderful time just strollilng through the beautiful park and enjoying each other while capturing some great shots while we went. 

Update: I have been so swamped that I began this post last week and am only now getting around to finishing it up!

Monday, we had no plans and the Mr. was working so I had made arrangements to do a shoot for a sweet girl that I worked with to get some shots of her two girls, ages 5 and 4 months.  I must say, these two were adorable but a bit difficult to photograph.  The 5 year old had difficulty looking looking straight at me or the lens and so often her eyes were all over the place.  She is also at that age where if it's not about her alone, she doesn't want too much to do with it.  Ha!  Who hasn't seen that in a child?!
The 4 month old was a precious, happy and beautiful baby, but she is not sitting up on her own yet and really want to.  When we'd try to get her down to photograph, all she wanted to do was put her legs straight to stand.  Then when she saw the camera, she was so fascinated by it she'd just stare!  Made for a difficult session.  We are going to try again when she's a bit older and hopefully have better luck, but here are a few from that session.

                                                         Meet Leah

                                         And Mya

These are straight out of the camera, I have not had any time to edit!  Mom did not want to have her picture taken, but she is just adorable and you can see where her girls get their beauty from. 

Tuesday came all too soon and I was right back to work!  My evenings were full to capacity and Thursday I was hit hard by a migraine!  With the party being on Saturday, I took Friday off from work to rest and try to get rid of the migraine.  I didn't get anything done for the party, but rested enough so that I could rise early on Saturday to try and get things going. 
More on that soon!

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