Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Lots and lots of activities are on store for us in the coming weeks.  We have a lot going on and the preparations have begun.  I have been working hard both at home and at work and barely have time to update. It has been a real whirlwind of activity! 
For instance, I know that I had something going on Friday but for the life of me right now I can't recall what it was!  I'm sure it was something though.  I did get a few pom flowers made for Bella's party made though, so that was good.  Saturday morning Michelle and Bella had to go to dance class and Home Depot so I was home alone for a bit and took the opportunity to get caught up on the ironing, cleaned up in Jim's den, vaccumed and cleaned the tile floor and cleaned the kitchen as well as got my bed linens changed and picked up around the house a bit.  When they got home we were right out the door because Michelle had gotten tickets for the Way Off Broadway production of the Three Little Pigs.  They were for she and Shawn and the two kids, but Aiden had a baseball playoff game and they couldn't go so I went instead.  It was very cute and Bella loved it!  It's a 'dinner theatre' and the food leaves much to be desired, and this was a lunch production, but the actors are also the waiters.  I must admit though, it was a bit odd ordering a hot dog from a pig.  But leave it to Bella as the pig is serving said hot dog she asks him if he feels funny serving hot dogs and he admits that is its somewhat strange and she says 'Yeah, because if you mess up you might become bacon, or ham or pork chops!'  The kid has a good grip on her pork products that's for sure.  Ha!
Bella and 'Ellie Mae' Pig

From Left: Virginia Wolf, Elmer Pig, Ellie Mae Pig, Bella, Frankie Wolf and Homer Pig

Notice her hat still hasn't come off?  She choose her dress based soley on the fact that it matched her hat.  I asked her what her favorite thing about her hat was and her reply?  'It dazzles!'  She's my girl!

After the show, we had some errands to run and I wanted to get those over with then it was back home.  Walked in the door and Jim said 'Ready to go?'  So we turned around and went downtown to the Arts Festival.  It was fun and I'm glad we went, bt we didn't get home till almost nine so the day was shot for me in terms of getting anything done. 

Sunday came along and it was a day that we had been looking forward to for a while.  We all piled in the car and headed into DC.  Me, Jim, Michelle, Shawn, Bella and Aiden.  We were going to have dinner at 901!  DC's newest fine dining experience.  Although their Grand Opening isn't until Thursday, they had celebrated a 'soft opening' a week or two ago and have been open since but have not advertised it.  Anyway, we went and had an absolutely wonderful dinner!  The place is very chic and modern, with clean lines and lots of black and white-a very 'in' look.  They are still waiting for awnings to be installed on the outside and the outdoor seating and a few minor thigs, but it looks good.  Our waiter came over and began to tell us a little about the menu and the chef and said that our chef for the evening was 'Red' and he was really Excellent an I said that I knew because he was my son.  He said 'Oh, Oh realy. Ok. Ok. Well, then, I guess you do know.  Maybe I should let Red tell you about things.'  Michelle said that I spooked him, but he did a great job.  Then Tim started by sending out an Amuse-Bouche for each of us.  (read: a mouth teaser of the chefs selection-bite sized, sample of chefs cooking)  We were 'amused' several times!  Mmmm-good!
I ordered the Muscles as an appetizer to share with Shawn and boy were we glad I did.  They were to die for!  Served in a marinara sauce, there were 20 of those beauties that were done to perfection, not a tough one among the bunch.  The sauce was so delicious I was delighted that it was served with toast so that we could sop up every last drop of that red, garlicy deliciousness!  Mom and Dad, you gotta try these you are going to ask yourself where he learned to do that!  Sooooo good!  I was in heaven.
I didn't even care if the entre came-until it did and this was put in front of me:
That would be crab cakes on fried green tomatoes, with a corn relish and some green stuff on top.  Shawn couldn't decide what he was going to get and he loves seafood, so I told him that if it helped him to decide I was going to get the crabcaked and it came with two and I wold eat one and he could have the other.  He was good with that.  So, I took one off my plate and gave it to him and after he ate his scallops he thought he couldn't eat the crab but he should have at least a bite to be polite, then he took a bite, and well, suffice it to say, there was nothing left.  You can't leave a crabcake like that sitting on the plate.  It would be a crime!
Jim got the lamb chops which he loved!  They came with zucchinni and other stuff, but Tim pointed out to him that he should not forget to try the sweet potato.  Shawn and I swung our heads towards his plate and said 'sweet potato'.  Jim gave us both a piece of it and I took one bite and almost died.  Let me tell you it is like no sweet potato I've ever tasted!  Tim loves my sweet potatoes and said that they're good enough to put on the menu, I don't think I can ever make them again after eating his.  It was beyond delicious!  I could eat it for desert with a little ice cream or without.  It was heaven.  
Even the kids cleaned their plates!  Bella ate all of her meal and then moved on to Michelle's! 
So it was a wonderful evening, we ate well and got to see Tim and then went back to see his apartment too!
If you are in DC and want a fine dining experience, visit 901 at 901 9th Street NW, it will be well worth it.  Tell them Karen sent you!  Tom and Tim will cook a good meal for you!

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