Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Palooza!

As expected, the weeked was a flurry of activity!  I was up until 11:00 on Friday night prepping for the festivities on Saturday.  Bella and I made a trip to the grocery store when I got home and when we got in the car it started to rain and within minutes, the skies opened up and it was pouring to beat the band!  We pulled into the parking lot and Bella said that she thought it was going to  hail and lo and behold, it started to hail. Golf ball    hail stones!  It was something unbelievable, but luckily we didn't seem to sustain any damage.
Anyway, I made the cupcakes, made a huge fruit salad, made the chocolate face mask-which smelled good enough to eat!  Set up the desert table ad made the table skirt, ran the dishwasher, and cleaned up a bit.  Then on Saturday morning I iced the cupcakes, and set up the rest of the decorations and put out the rest of the food and the put dinner in the oven so after the party I'd have dinner ready to go for the adults who were staying.

Here is the desert table:                                                                                                                                    
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The girls arrived and we got right to it with the facials, they were messy, but fun! 
It was quite hysterical!  When they were laughing and just having a blast!  When they were given the cucumbers, they knew just what to do with them.  They needed no coaching at all.  Then they were each given a microfiber towel  and told to go rinse off their faces with warm water and dry with the towel.  Well, they all went together and the bathroom was about under water when they were done!  The one little girl was totally soaked from head to toe and we had to give her a change of clothes until hers could dry.  But they were having fun.  Then it was on to the mani's and pedi's.  I had picked up about 6 different colors of nail polish in 'fun' girly colors and they picked what they wanted, and they all wanted a different color for their nails and toes!  Next we gave them the flip flops that I had tied with balloons for each of them.  Here they are putting their best foot (feet) forward!
I saw a pinata that went with our theme in a catalog called Birthday Express, so Michelle ordered it and filled it with some candy, but mostly fun jewlery, and hair clips, a few little tiara's and the like.  I filled an apothacary jar with little toy rings and had a sign in front of the jar that said 'dress your fingers'.  So after presents were opened, they worked on the pinata and they dazzled themselved out!
It was really a lot of fun.  Bella said it was the best birthday party EVER and that is all the praise I need!  I took individual 'Glamour' shots of each girl and printed them out an individual 5 x 7 and a group 5 x 7 and sent them home in their goody bags along with all their other stuff.  

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