Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pin Up Girl

I have many interests and my interests seem to keep growing.  Some say it is due to a lack of focus, but I like to think it is because-I totally want to drive the new Focus!  Did you see the commercial on TV about the way it parralel parks itself?  I so need a car that can do that!  I hate to parralel park.  Not that I have to do it all that often, but when I do have to do it I hate it and it would be a fun feature to have on a car. -I like to think it is because I like to diversify.
Either way, the Internet has a site that has made it so easy for people like me to have fun.  To browse, window shop, and save your finds for later.  For those of you not in the know,  I am talking about Pinterest.  Pinterest is a site where you can create boards about different things that you are interested in and then 'pin' pictures to your boards.  Today's version of a bulletin board, only way cooler.  It's got lots of features that I haven't quite figured out yet, and might never figure out to be quite honest with you, 'cuz let's face it, I like he pretty pictures!
Not into reading directions.  At all.  Don't wanna hafta.  Directions and I don't get along. So I play the 'lets try it this way' game and if that doesn't work then 'hmmm, well then we'll try it this way'.  So much more my speed.  Don't get me wrong, I am not saying I can't follow directions, I can.  Very well in fact.  I just don't like to READ directions.  Mostly because the people that write directions don't know their audience and think that we all know how to read German or think in terms of a computer.  We don't.  So, I don't get along with reading directions.

But, I like making my little boards.  I can just browse pictures of my latest obsession and stick a pin in what interests me.  Like a pretty sugar cookie for example.  Have I told you that is my newest obsession?  It sorta is.  I love to look at pictures of these little beauties.  I've dabbled a little at making my own.  Twice to be exact, both for Bella's birthday parties.  Last year and again this year.  It wasn't a complete disaster. 

These are from last year's sweet shoppe party and here are the one's from this year's spa party.
Not bad, but not the best either. 
I love the idea of  the decorated sugar cookie.  The possibilities are endless and they are so much fun! 
It's edible art, so you don't have to worry about finding a place to store the finished product.  Just finding someone to eat it.  Ha! 
So, one of my Pinterest boards is appropriately titled 'Cookies', original, huh?  What's really neat is that I can click on the site the picture came from and often get more information about it too.  Like how it was made, or by whom, the materials, etc. 

Look at these beauties!  Isn't the owl just gorgeous?!  Love it! 
And don't those drinks make you think of summer?  The colors are fabulous. 

I'd really like to get better at making cookies, maybe take a class or something.  There are so many different ways to decorate and things to decorate with.  Color mists, disco dust, shimme dust, fondants and gum paste, sprinkes, jimmies and pearls.  I know it sounds crazy, but I'd love to sit down with a good book on cookie decorating (but it must have lots of pictures.)  And cookie cutters!  Where to begin!
They are not your momma's cookie cutters anymore.  Well maybe they are, who knows.  But my momma had the little plastic variety with the impressions molded into them. Remember?  No, you don't want to use them.  Metal cookie cutters are the thing now.  Not sure why, but they are.  They do cut well.
I have only a few but I can see that a collection beginning.  I bought three last year (candy, ice cream and cupcake) three this year (sunglasses, flip flop and martini glass) they all came in sets of three.  Then while at M's one day I saw a nice star and picked that up figuring it would be usefull and also saw the grad set on clearance for $1.99 so I picked that one up too.  I was given a reindeer as a gift and a dogbone too, but that might be about it.  So, do I see a shopping trip in my future?  A day of baking and decorating?  Such cuteness I can't stand it! 
So, are you a pin up girl too? What peaks your 'Pinterest'?  Share and maybe I'll be the next one to repin or follow your board, you never know!

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