Friday, June 17, 2011


I love the feeling that Friday brings!  The whole weekend seems to be laid out before my feet like a beautiful sandy beac.  It's just up to me as to whether I want to lie on the beach sunning myself or bury myself in the sand.  Unfortunately I seldom choose to sun myself, even in the figurative sense of the word.  One of these days I will,  though.  Promise
Somehow, I always seem to loose my head!

Just not this weekend.  This weekend I'm busy.  Again.  Tomorrow we will be celebrating Isabella's birthday with her little friends and some of her not so little ones too!  It's her 'spa' party.  Oh, and she is soo excited!
The plan was to invited 5 girls so that if they all showed up with Bella that would be six and we thought that would be a workable amount of girls.  So, as I was working on the invitations, Michelle began to mention it to some of the girls moms that she knew.  One of Bella's good friends mom said that they had plans that weekend and Zoe would not be able to attend.  Scratch her off the list, so we invited 5 others.  Her other very good frien RSVP'd that she'd be out of town as well an would not be able to make it.  We got 2 yes responses and the rest of the girls we haven't heard from.  Some have told Bella that they were coming, but have not called Michelle, so we don't know for sure.  In the meantime, Zoe's Mom who is a friend of Michelle's told Michelle that their plans had changed and they would be home and could Zoe come to the party after all-well YES!  Thank goodness that she felt comfortable enough to ask, Bella is going to be so surprised as Zoe asked us not to tell Bella she is coming.  Anyway, who knows how many we will have!?  Could be 3-4, could be 7.  We'll just roll with it!
I am almost ready for the party too.  Not quite, but almost.  If I told you what I had left to do you would thing I'm nuts, but I'll get it done.  Ha!  Maybe I am nuts!
My father and Marlena are coming into town for the party too.  And our neighbors from next door 'V' and Sabina will be there as well, like every year.  Bella loves them! 

Sunday is Father's Day and I haven't quite gotten to plans for that yet.  One day at a time.  Luckily Jim has to work in the morning, so I have the morning to figure things out.  Nothing like waiting till the last minute or anything.  I do have gifts for all the Dads, bought and wrapped and cards too!  So I do have that much, just nothing beyond that.  Any suggestions? 

So, plan on a photo  heavy post on Monday.  Maybe Sunday, but it's highly doubtful.  If we are being totally honest, it'll probably be Tuesday, but who's counting?! 
Anyway, stay tuned! 
Have a good weekend....Till next time.  Oh!  And if you are so inclined, please send Bell a postcard at school.  Her class is doing a thing and they're trying to see where they can get cards from.  Don't have to be wordy, just tell her what it's like where you are and send it to Bell R. c/o La Petite Academy
2150 Old Farm Drive
Frederick, MD. 21702

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