Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthdays and Dances and Concerts

Oh, My!!! 
 So, Friday this little girl turned 7!  I can hardly believe it, seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating her birth.  Michelle went into school and had lunch with her and brought cupcakes in to share with her classmates.  She was so happy.  Then in the evening, Shawn and Aiden and Shawn's parents came over to the house and we all had a simple dinner of pizza.  Then it was time to open presents and of course, she was overwhelmed!  So much stuff for one little girl.  Michelle had ordered an ice cream cake (Bella's favorite) and then a girl that Michelle works with made Bella some of her specialty cupcakes-strawberry cupcakes w/strawberry creamcheese frosting.  The decorations on the top were what made them special though, there were ballet slippers and little ballerinas and even one that spelled out 'Bella', so cute!
And delicious too!  (Click on pic to see a larger version.)

Saturday was another big day, recital day.  Bella had to be at the high school where it was being held at 12:00 so we left the house at around 11:30 AM.  We loaded up the car with her costumes and shoes, hair spray and hair nets, leotards, and shoes, books, a snack or two and we were on our way.  The first recital was at 1:00 and Bella was in two dances with the 'company'.  That is the competitive squad that she dances with and the 'Petite Company' did their two dances at this recital.  After that was over, we went into town and grabbed a bite to eat for dinner at about 3:30 before heading back to the school to get ready for the next recital.  That is when she would dance with her other classmates that she had taken classes with all year.  They would perform three dances this time.  So, if your following, she had 5 costume changes, four pair of shoes, three hair styles, two recitals, two intermissions, two curtain calls, lots of time waiting and one very long, long day!  I left after her last dance and I got home at about 9:30, Bella got  home about an hour later and was a wreck by then!  The senior girls who had been the assistants in her classes for the last couple of years were graduating and there were lots of tearful goodbyes on stage and Bella joined right in.  She is sooooo emotional.  Wonder where she gets that from?! 
Getting her hair curled in between performances.
Dancing Between Raindrops
Needless to say, Sunday included sleeping in a bit for all of us!  That is until I started to work on baking and decorating sugar cookies for her birthday party on Saturday.  What a job.  I really like doing it though, it is fun and I'd like to start playing with it a bit more.  I used to hate sugar cookies, but I am learning about decorating them and now I want to experiment with them and learn more and just get better at them.  Now mine are extremely juvinile looking, but they were fun to do anyway and will add to the theme of her party.
Michelle and Bella went to a party to celebrate the end of the dance year, but didn't stay long because of the late nights that Bella had been putting in and she still being in school. 

I was pretty beat and thought I'd be in for the night, but Jim had really hoped to go to the park to see the first in the Summer Concert Series at Baker Park so we had decided to go on down.  He wanted to take the dogs with us to show me how well behaved they could be in public too.  So he was getting them ready and I was talking to the kids and he disappeared and I was wondering where he went, but didn't think too much about it.  Then the phone rang and Bella answered it.  She always answers on speaker for some reason and me and Michelle and Shawn hear her talking to someone she says hi,  how are you.  And I'm wondering who is that?  Sounds like Tim, but I know it's not him.  Not Jim 'cause he was  just here.  Then he says to Bella ' Well, tell Gaga I'm leaving if she wants to come with me'.  We all started laughing!  It was Jim, callilng from the car!  I wondered where he was.
Anyway, we went to the concert and it was really good.  A Beatles cover band. 
This is one of the guys, don't know which one, from the early years.  They changed costumes and looks throughout the show.  It was really a good show and a nice evening and the dogs were very well behaved. 

 So, that's what I squeezed into one weekend.  What did you do?


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