Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Birthday Party the Wouldn't End!

You may remember that Isabella's birthday was back in June.  Well, at that time our very dear friends called Isabella before hand to speak with her about her party.  You see, Bella fully expected them to be at her party because they were always at her birthday parties.  Always!  But this year, as Durinda explained to Bella they were pressed for time.  They could come for the party but not for the weekend.  If that was okay, the would still come for her birthday but if she preferred, Bella could come to their home in Williamsburg for a weekend and we would celebrate then.  Well there was no hesitation and she choose the weekend! This past weekend was the first time we could get away and Jim and I took Bella down to Williamsburg.  (Michelle was supposed to go but at the last minute, work got in the way.)
I thought that Durinda would sing Bella Happy Birthday, give her a gift and make her a cake and play a game or two with her.  She always makes her feel special.  Silly me.  She sent Bella an invitation, inside were several questions that Bella had to answer that gave hints as to what was in store and asked her to bring the card with her when she came.  The excitement was growing.  All the way down in the car, Bella talked about what was in store for her.  What would Durinda make for dinner, would Andy take his silly pills, what about the 'treasure map' that Durinda hinted about?  She just couldn't wait! 

We arrived around 4:30, just in time for happy hour.  Here are the appetizers that were waiting for the little miss:
Sushi, made from pound cake, rice crispie treats, sweedish fish and other candies!
A little exploration around the house led Bella to find the dining room table set for dinner, this is what it looked like:
She was the Queen of the Seas and you guessed it, we were her Guppies!  Boy did she play that one to the hilt.  Saturday we took a field trip to the Va. Beach Aquarium, just Durinda, Bella and me.  We had a great time.  After we were done there, we made a side trip to the beach itself as Bella had never seen the beach or the ocean.  She was so cute.  She was totally enthralled by the ocean, loving the waves.  Jumping right into the water and pulling me in with her.  She had shorts on and was just supposed to go in to her knees but she just couldn't resist the pull of the ocean and dove right in, fully clothed.  She asked me "GaGa why didn't you ever tell me it was this much fun!?'  She wanted to stay there all day.  Standing there with her feet in the water facing the waves, she said it felt like the whole earth was just falling away beneath her feet.  So cute!  I just love that kid!
Bella, feeling the earth beneath her feet
Me and my girl.

Bella and Durinda-what a special relationship they have!
Ready for more!
After we got back to the house, Bella had to answer her questions and for each question that she got correct she got a piece of her treasure map.  The map was a picture of the backyard and there were fish stickers placed on the map to indicate where 'treasure' might be hidden.  The treasure that she found were wrapped gifts.  What fun!  Then came the hard part, she was made to wait to open the gifts until after dinner.  Dinner was superb, and Bella loved seeing us all in our special hats and threatened to send us to the dungeon if we failed to wear them.  Ha!  After a desert of pufferfish cake, we retired to the family room where Bella opened her gifts which included books and cards, games and clothes, we were finally able to get her to bed.  The four adults were all pretty worn out!
Sunday we went to some of our favorite shopping places at the birthday girl's request.  Yankee Candle, The Christmas Mouse and of course Towne Square in Olde Towne. While at Yankee Candle, Bella ran into an old friend of hers, one she hadn't seen in quite a while and was surprised to see in August.  She was a bit shy a first, thinking that this friend might not remember her but when he proved her wrong by telling her how tall she had grown and calling her by name, she warmed right up.  Here's a picture of the two of them together, you just might recognize him too.
Yup, that's Santa in his Hawaiin style shirt with snowflakes on it.  He was working on his Naughty & Nice list and taking a break from the cold up North.
It was a wonderful weekend and I can't tell you what it means to me to have my dear friend love my precious Granddaughter in the same way that I do.  It is such a blessing for all of us! 
Our time together was so special and memorable, it is something that we will never forget.
Thank you just seems like not nearly enough to express our gratitude for all that you've done but,
Thanks, D-We love you!

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