Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where Were You?

Historically, this question has come up on a number of times.  Where were you when:
  • JFK was shot?
  • The first man walked on the moon?
  • Elvis died?
  • The space shuttle disaster?
  • Ronald Reagan was shot?
  • John Lennon was killed?
  • On 9/11?
These are moments that for many of us, have imprinted themselves on our memory.  Moments that time will never take away, no matter how hard we try.  I remember being in the multi-purpose room at my school, crowded in there away from the classroom.  The excitement in the air was palpable, mostly the adults were excited as first graders sitting on the floor, we were just hoping that no one threw up.  We all waited, and watched the one small screen, knowing what was about to happen, but not really sure that it would.  But then he appeared on that little ladder and put his foot down on that bumpy surface called the moon.  We didn't know just what it meant, but we knew it was big.

I was eight months pregnant, sitting on the couch while my four year old played on the floor at my feet.  Folding laundry as I watched the Challenger take off, it was a beautiful day in Florida for a shuttle launch.  Then only 73 seconds after liftoff, disaster struck as the shuttle exploded and all seven crew members aboard were killed.  A  young mother by the name of Christa McAuliffe was the first member of the Teacher is Space Project was a member of the crew that day and the media coverage was especially high.  I remember it so well.  I just couldn't believe it was real.  A photograph forever imprinted.

There are others, so many others.  Good and bad, happy, not so happy.  Joyous occasions and ones filled with sadness and loss, lonlieness and tears, love, hope, anticipation, pain, sorrow and fear.  These are the moments that make up are lives, the moments that stand out in time.  The snapshots, that frame by frame, help to define who we are.  Right?  Are you following me?

Stay with me here, because I do have a point.  For many of us, especially those of us who live in the Virginia/DC/Metro Area, Tuesday was a 'Where were you' kind of a day.  Tuesday, August 23, 2011  will now and forever more (most likely) be known as the day a 5.8  Earthquake Shook the Pants Off the Politicians in the Pentagon.  Or something equally as catchy, but maybe without the aliteration.  Here is a picture of how it registered according to the VT seismogram.
I can say two things with certainty: I was at work and People are crazy!  Or stupid.  Or both.  So I'm on the third floor and we feel it rumble a little, then the rumbling grows and my computer begins to shake and the next thing I notice my chair begins to roll away from my desk.  I look up and the ceiling is shaking and the noise is really LOUD!  Now the fire alarm goes off and most of my co-workers begin to exist the building.  I say most, not all.  Later after we were cleared to go back in the building I returned to my desk to retrieve six voice mails from co-workers asking if the fire alarms were real or if it was a drill and what should they do.  Really?  Do they think I could make a drill that good that I could make the building shake and sway?!  I mean, I know I threaten them with my super powers but I didn't think they really believed me! 

Bottom Line:  All fine.  No damage.  Excitement I don't need to go through again.  Thank you, but no.

I do have 2 cards to show you.  And if you have lasted this long, I should have made a Congratulations!  card for you, but I didn't so you'll just have to live with it.

First up, a birthday card:
This was for Mom's birthday.  Only problem is she was 72 not 73!  I just hate it when I do things like that.  She didn't mind though, she just said she'd save it for next year because she liked the card.  How's that?
This is for my friend Durinda.  She makes the most beautiful cards I almost hate to send her mine anymore!  A thank you for making Bella's visit so extrardinarry!  By the way, my little almost Southern girl is now saying tomatoe like she is from Britain .(ta-mah-to) Ha!
All supplies from Papertrey ink.

So, that was my excitement.  Tell me about yours, I'd love to hear it!  Did the earth move?  Did you feel anything at all?  What did you think?  Chime in!

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