Monday, August 15, 2011


Do you dream?  I know that everyone has dreams for their future, their childrens future, wild dreams, fantasies, that kind of thing.  But those are not the type of dreams that I am speaking about.  I mean the type of dreams that you have when you are asleep.  Those kind of dreams.  Do you remember them?  Are they vivid?  Do you believe that they may forshadow something of the future? 

Many different cultures have different beliefs regarding the meaning of dreams.  Ancient Romans and Greeks believed that Gods visited you in dreams.  Native Americans often belive that dreams are a kind of shayman to your soul.  Others have even more specific beliefs, spiders are a symbol for death, Freud first believed that dreams were a motivation of wish fulfillment, he later came to believe that they were more our repressed desires, while Carl Jung relies more in the belief that dreams may contain ineluctable truths, philosophical pronouncements, illusions, wild fantasies, memories, plans, irrational experiences and even telepathic visions.  Others still believe that a dog is simply a dog, a horse merly a horse and not metaphors for any hidden meaning. 

And me, what is it that I believe?  Well, I believe that I if I believed in the interpretation of dreams then I just might have to be committed.  That is what I believe.  This pronunciation comes not without a lot of forethought and quite frankly consternation.  Because I dream-a lot!  Not that a lot of dreaming is all that unusual in and of itself, but from what I've been told I act out my dreams in my sleep.  That may not come as a surprise to those of you who know me as I always have had a flair for the dramatic. 
Let  me give you an example as to what I am talking about though.  Early Sunday morning Jim woke me up, I remember looking over at the clock and seeing that it was 3:00 AM.  and I remember talking to him, but I don't remember too much more than that.  Shortly thereafter he got up to get ready for work and I slept fitfully, often waking myself up by calling out in my sleep.  I heard someone yelling 'My head really hurts!'
I woke only to realize that it was me who had been yelling.  So enough of trying to sleep, I got up and showered. 
Later in the day, after Jim got home this is what he had to describe to the family about our encounter at 3 am:
He awoke to a loud CLUNK and to me softly moaning.  He looked over to my side of the bed and saw that I was not in the bed, but had fallen out of the bed and was he thought, standing next to the bed covered in the bedding.  Thinking he would help me out, he pulled the bedding off only to discover that my feet were sticking up and I was head down.  Once he pulled the bedding off I toppled over completely.  KERPLUNK!  He then asked me if I was going to get back in bed to which I replied 'I'm trying, but I'm stuck under the bed.'  He asked me what I was doing and I told him that I was trying to get my camera, it was falling in the ocean.  Asked why I needed my camera, I told him that I wanted to take a picture of Timmy because he was kissing a blowfish!  When he asked where my camera was I told him it was in my saddlebag, and I knew it was going to sound strange but that I was riding a horse.'   That's the only thing I found strange about the whole scenario!  And my family?  Timmy just said that he was sorry that he was the cause of my pain.  ( I had a terrible headache all day.)  Michelle laughed all day and wanted to know what made me think my camera would work?  Really?  What made her think I was thinking?  I was dreaming!!!
Shawn.  Well, he just can't even stop laughing and he just thinks this whold sleep talking stuff is hysterical anyway.  And Bella?  That darling girl?  She said 'Well GaGa, if you were in the ocean then you were riding a Sea Horse.'  She is the sole beneficiary of my will.

That is just one instance.  There have been others.  PLENTY of others.  I could write a book.  Actually, my husband could write a book.  I don't really remember anything.  He woke up once to me standing on the edge of the bed, one hand on the post of the bed the othe stretched out towards the open air, my foot pointed out the same way reaching, reaching... He asked me what I was doing.  My reply?  Trying to get the boat?  We don't have a boat!  We do have a window very near to my side of the bed though.  Jim is beginnig to think about putting bars on the windows or a railing on my side of the bed.  I think I might have to look into sleeping with a helmet on for my own safety. 

And you wonder why I'm so tired?  You'd be tired too if you were as active as I was when you were sleeping!  Ha!

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