Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The fun never ends!

How I wish that I really meant that!  I have had a rather exciting couple of days, to say the least.  Friday I left work a few hours early to take Isabella to her Open House at school so that she could meet her new teacher and see her classroom.  Michelle couldn't leave work and Jim was working, she had asked if I would take her and I happily obliged.  But it was not to be so.  On my way home, I encountered a bit of difficulty.  I was on the highway coming to an area of construction, the vehicles in front of me and myself we all tapping our brakes to slow down, and we were averaging about 35 mph at that time.  The vehicle ahead of me was a commercile van and I could not see around it, he put his brakes on and released again and suddenly I realized that he had hit the vehicle ahead of him, but it was too late for me to stop in time and I then hit him!  It turned out that it was a line of six vehicles that were involved and I was the last one in the line, so I only sustained damage to my front end, none of the vehicles involved deployed air bags.  Most of the vehicles were trucks or large vehicles, the first in the line was a car and then mine which is technically a cross-over.  The van that I hit, his rear bumper had a slight dent that the driver said he would probably just bang out.  This is what my car looks like:
It is TOTALLED!!!!!
Because it is considered a total loss, my insurance company will only authorize a rental for three days.  The good news is that because another person who was in the accident has the same insurance carrier as I do, my deductable is waived.  That is one of the benefits of my insurance company.  So, I'm going to be buying a new car.  Just what I didn't want to  be doing. 
Got to sit along side of the highway for two hours while the police and the EMT's and the firemen and tow trucks sorted everything out.  It was a fun way to spend a Friday afternoon.  I'm sure all the other commuters liked it as well!  My car was not drivable, wouldn't even turn on.  So, Michelle called Shawn and he came and picked me up.  (Cue the music. Ahhhh-haa)  Love that boy!  He earned major, major brownie points from me.  Might just have to order M & M's with his face on them for him to show him the love!  Anyway, he came from work in his commercial van and it's BIG.  He practically had to help me get into the darn thing.  So he pulls into the driveway and I'm just so glad to be home at this point I just want to get inside and take a shower and maybe cry a little, you  know normal stuff.  So I go to get out of his van but I forgot what kind of vehicle I was in and just got out, and fell flat on my arse on the driveway and then smashed my head in the garden-luckily a lantana plant was there to cushion the blow.  Shawn was so stunned he just looked over at me and said 'Are you okay?' and started laughing, then he came around to help me up.  I was cracking up and couldn't even think of how to get up.  It was just too much!  When I finally did get inside and in the shower, I had flowers everywhere, in my hair, all over my back, in my bra-don't even want to guess how they got down there!  What a mess! 
Luckily I wasn't hurt too badly.  Just sore and stressed and SORE and a hell of a headache!  I slept most of the day on Saturday, as I could hardly move, and by Sunday I was feeling somewhat better.  Went in to work on Monday and my insurance company called to say the adjuster was going to go out to see the car.  Then the adjuster called to tell me that the car was totalled and I felt worse again!  Ha!  So I had to traipse up to Jefferson to the storage lot and get everything out of George (my car) and take the licence plates off, which was no easy feat let me tell you-I had to get the guy from the service station to help me and he had to use a hammer and a chisel to get the rear plate off.  Anyway by the time I was done I felt like I'd gone through the ringer.  I was hot, tired, stressed out and grumpy to boot.  So, I did what any red-blooded American woman would do-I went for a mani-pedi.  Boy did I feel better!
Because I was in the house all weekend though, I did get a few cards made.  Bella's first day of school was yesterday and I wanted to make something that she could take in for her teacher.  She and Aiden had made a little container of chocolate covered animal crackers for their teachers and I made them a tag that read ' Looking forward to a year full of Wild Adventures!' and they signed them.  But I also wanted to make something else for the teacher so I put together these:

Just a little something.
So that's about all for now. 
Guess, I have to start car shopping, I'll let you know what I find.


  1. Glad you are ok Karen; accidents can really play havoc with the nerves, luckily you are safe and well :o)

    Shelly X

  2. I'm so happy that you were ok after this accident...scary! On another note, I love these cards Karen!!! The layouts are each so different, but still CAS. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your kind words are very much appreciated :D