Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm a Rocket Fan

I am still struggling.  It has been a very rough couple of weeks and an especially tough weekend.  My pain level was at an all time high for this time of year and I was just out of it.  I barely moved all day on Sunday, just went from the couch to the chair and once in a while made the trek down the hall to the wc for a change of scenery!  Last night after Jim gifted me with a 1/2 a banana split that was made with coconut custard I began to feel somewhat better.  The healing power of ice cream! 
Anyway, I wanted to post about what we did last Thursday.  It was an amazing night and I didn't want it to get away from me.  So, while it is still somewhat fresh in my mind I want to write about our experience.  Jim has been a member of the Catoctin Zoo for several years now. It is a somewhat small, privately owned local zoo in Thurmont, Md.  and is only about 20 minutes away from us.  Seeing that Jim and Bella love the zoo so much, Jim became a member and has gotten Bella a membership as well, sometimes I get a membership too, but as I don't go as often as they do I don't always get a membership.  This year, Michelle has introduced Shawn and Aiden to the wonders of this local resource as well.  Anyway, often the zoo will do special events for its members and families and Thursday was one such event.  The event was prompted by the arrival of the zoo's newest member- "Rocket".  Rocket is a 2 year old Giraffe.  Members and FB fans of Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo met 2 year old, 12 foot tall giraffe named “Rocket” during a special fundraiser event on July 28, 2011. 
Rocket is very comfortable around humans, especially if they are bringing him some bamboo to eat, his favorite treat.
Rocket is on loan to the zoo through October 2011. So the zoo held an invitational fundraiser because the costs of bringing Rocket to the zoo, housing  him and feeding him will cost the zoo at least $60,000.00 in the next four months.

Bella and I had our picture taken with Rocket and were also able to feed him.  What a treat!  He was so sweet and so personable.  He even nuzzled my head!  He was really cute and I can't wait for him to be on permanent display so that everyone can share in this wonderful creature.  We were not able to take pictures with our cameras of us with Rocket as that was part of the fundraiser, but they didn't mind at all us taking pictures of the guest of honor at all.  So here he is:

Showing his handler some love!
Having a bite of bamboo.
Being led out to the crowd on a new leash.

You too can be a Rocket Fan!  If you live near the Washington Metro Area, be sure to visit the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve & Zoo and go meet Rocket, take a ride on their Safari Ride, get up close and personal with the camels and the Yaks, see a warthog in person and see the baby white bengal tiger and the baby camel.  You won't regret it!

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