Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Love me a three day weekend!

I just loved having three days off in a row. What a luxury! I started painting on Saturday at around 11:30 and made great progress. I stopped for the day at approximately 4:00. (By stopped I mean had cleaned everything up, washed out the brush and showered.) Got back to it on Sunday morning and was finished by noon! I was so happy to have it done. The rest of the day I spent washing curtains and putting them back up, changing all the bedding, and cleaning up. Jim and I went out on Saturday after I had finished and picked up new light fixtures for the small hallways in front of the closets, but because he worked all weekend he didn't have a chance to put them up. I need to hang things on the wall and buy a tablecloth for the little wooden table next to the bed, but other than those few minor things, the room is done! We are in desperate need of new carpeting in there, but that is not a minor thing and it will have to wait for now. As I said, I am just happy to have the painting done. I love the way it looks. The walls are a deep chocolate brown and the ceiling and trim are bright white so the contrast looks great. I'll post some pictures once I have a chance.
Next up is the bathroom. I have decided to have the paint for that room color matched to the blue in my bedding and then add brown accessories. I'll get to that my next free weekend, which at this stage may not be until October.
I spent Monday touching up the cleaning in the rest of the house and ironing. I had an entire laundry basket of clothes in need of ironing and it was haunting me. Another job that I was happy to check off my list!
The down side to all of my weekend activity? I hurt-everywhere! Even my hair hurts. I knew that would happen, but I so wanted to get it all done that it was worth the pain. Jim wonders why I do it myself. The truth of the matter is, I like to do it. It gives me such a great sense of accomplishment to watch a room be transformed by paint. And, if I am being really honest here, I almost like the accompanying soreness. I know that sounds crazy, I am not into pain but it gives me confidence to know that my muscles are being worked and responding. I know that I am pushing myself, but I am not ready to sit out of the game yet.
So, back to work it is. Time to battle the traffice of 'Terrible Traffic Tuesday'. I take my fun where I can find it!

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