Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wine a little and you'll feel better!

I love wine! On Sunday, we went on our annual trip to the Gettysburg Wine & Music Festival with our friends on Sunday. (Red wine, white wine, rose, bubbly wine and desert wines-we call this Group Therapy)Andy & Durinda join us each year (with the notable exception of last year) and we head on up to Gettysburg for a day of wine and music. The guys listen to the music and Durinda and I drink the wine. It works out well for us.
The last time we went, Andy & Jim found a spot near the bandstand and Durinda & I went about our merry way. Occasionally Jim would show up and at one winery in particular when I ordered a case, he insisted that I buy two. Who am I to argue? If you've never been to a wine festival, they have a service where you buy your wine and they bring it to the front and you pick it up on your way out. Problem with that is it can be difficult to keep track of how much you are buying. So, when we had had enough, we went to the pick up booth and gave them our claim tickets and they began to gather our purchases. Being as the car was parked a good bit away and our purchases were mounting up, Jim asked to bring the car around. The people working the booth said no, we couldn't do that but they did have a guy with a wagon who would help you to your car. Jim pointed to our purchases and mentioned that they hadn't finished gathering them together and soon enough, we were able to bring the car around. Not only that, the event co-ordinator came over and cleared the way for the car and helped Jim & Andy load up the car. The took our pictures, a picture of our car loaded up and asked us if we had a Bed & Breakfast or a Restaurant that we were buying for. No, we just like the wine were hoping to have enough to last us until next year's festival. They begged us to come back. Needless to say, we bought a lot! Between us, we bought somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 cases. (It didn't last an entire year.)
Fast forward to this year. The venue was changed from an idyllic park setting to a field near the highway. The area had had several days of rain and the place was infested with bees. There was thick, black mud everywhere and to help, they put hay over top of the mud which presented two new problems. You couldn't tell how deep the mud was and it smelled like a barnyard! The bees were so bad that you had to check your glass to make sure no bees were in it before drinking from it. So, we didn't stay as long as we might have. We did manage to do a bit of damage, not nearly as much as we had in the past but this time when we were ready to leave, they had a guy in a cart come over and drive our purchases to our car which was only about 20 yards away! Gotta love that service.

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